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  • You Can Now Sing These Sonic Frontiers Songs in Japanese Karaoke Bars

    Finally, somewhere else you can scream Sonic songs besides your shower and Summer of Sonic.

    Two more vocal tracks from Sonic Frontiers have been added to Japan's 'JOYSOUND' karaoke service, giving SEGA fans (and tourists) even more ways to celebrate Sonic on a drunken night out.

    "I'm Here - Revisited" and "Find Your Flame" are the new tracks added to the roster, both featuring Kellin Quinn's powerful vocals that are certain to have you bring the house down. They join three existing Sonic Frontiers songs that are already on the JOYSOUND service; "Undefeatable", "Break Through It All" and "I'm With You - Vocal ver".

    The new tracks will be accompanied by visuals and a lyric movie that was first introduced at the Tokyo Sonic Symphony performance. The Sonic Channel page suggests that fans should visit a karaoke bar and play an "Ohtani Marathon" where they sing through all five songs. Sounds like a good challenge to us!

    Are you planning a trip to Japan any time soon? Make sure you swing by a JOYSOUND venue and rep some Sonic!

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    WOAHH, will be epic for sure lmao even more of a reason for me to go to Japan!

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    Oh wow! If all goes well I should be leaving to spend the year in Japan in the middle of 2025, so I'm hoping they've still got the songs on- I'd love to get the chance to sing that Ohtani Marathon at least once!

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    I'm officially buying flight tickets to Japan! AND NO ONE WILL STOP ME

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    Well then, whoever can win with these kind of songs in a karaoke contest is Undefeatable. If they have trouble singing, the should not worry…..because they’ll find their flame.

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    Maple Syrup

    Posted (edited)

    @Cyb3rkn1ght,I'll go when i'm 21 just to sing songs there then:chuckle:! You can also find these songs on the official Joysound website!

    Edited by Maple Syrup
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