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  • Yes, You Can Go Fishing With Big in Sonic Frontiers

    Get ready for some INTENSE fishing.

    Since Sonic Frontiers' first public demo at Gamescom, fans on the show floor have been able to share and capture a lot more than anyone could have expected. Despite SEGA's time-limited preview, one cunning player managed to reveal a gameplay feature tied to Big the Cat's appearance in the game.

    Of course, it's a fishing minigame.

    The above video was captured by Twitter user Mtbcooler, who raced through the opening Starfall Island open zone and reached a marker titled 'Western Fishing Spot'. When activated, Sonic meets with Big and a dialogue begins about how the blue blur should take time to destress and enjoy the little things in life.

    Sonic is literally given a fishing rod. Big the Cat has blessed Sonic the Hedgehog with an actual fishing rod. This is now canon.


    What's even better is the use of an extreme close up of Sonic to illustrate his focus and concentration on catching a bite from a fish. The above image was used in recent Sonic Frontiers trailers, and fans went crazy speculating what it could be used for. Would Sonic transform into Super Sonic? Is there going to be some epic confrontation? No, it's for a fish.

    To be honest, we kind of love it. We're not sure exactly how well the fishing minigames will play against the broader action sequences - many fans have opined that some of the worst elements of 3D Sonic games have been when Sonic Team have attempted to shoehorn alternative play mechanics which end up diluting the overall experience - but November is right around the corner so we'll soon find out.

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    Posted By: Metal

    When they said they wanted to make a sequel to the Sonic Adventure series I was skeptical to say the least. But if all they really meant by that was adding Big’s fishing back then I guess I can get on board.

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    Posted By: ACHtheUltimate The Real Chaos Simualtor 2

    The dramatic close-up shouldn't be a shocker. It's peak SEGA. Or rather Peak RGG with how dramatic things are in Yakuza.

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