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  • Sonic Rumble Beta Details, Times Unveiled

    Beta players better get ready to rumble.

    SEGA has posted loads of new details regarding the Sonic Rumble closed beta, which starts later today, on the game's official Discord channel. Let's go through them!

    Beta Times

    First of all, here's a graphic displaying all the scheduled playtimes for players. The first one starts at 5PM PST/8PM PST, and runs for three hours:



    Ring Survival Mode

    Next up, we have the modes. The first mode highlighted (and the one we've seen in leaked alpha footage) is called "Ring Survival." It's divided into three rounds:

    Round 1: Run

    • You must get to the goal before the other players.
    • The round ends when 16 players reach the goal.
    • These 16 players move on to the next round.
    • If less than 16 players reach the goal, the players with the highest ring count will move on.

    Round 2: Can Be either Survival, Hunt or Team.


    • Survive longer than the other players.
    • The round ends when only 8 players are left.


    • Get as many points as possible within the time limit.
    • The round ends when the time runs out.
    • The top 8 players will advance.


    • Players are divided into two teams of 8.
    • Can be cooperative races or point-scoring battles.
    • The winning team advances.

    Round 3: Ring Battle

    • Run around the stage and gather as many rings as possible.
    • Round ends when time limit runs out.
    • The winner of this final around will be the one with the most rings.

    You can check out graphics laying the rounds out, and how the players are whittled down between rounds, below:





    Special Note: Though not detailed, there appears to be something called "Amy's Request," which will get you specific rewards. You presumably complete these requests during Ring Survival mode.

    Challenge Mode

    The other mode is Challenge Mode. Unlike the previous mode, this needs to be unlocked. Players can unlock it by playing Ring Survival matches and completing Amy Rose requests. These level up your season pass and let you unlock Bronze Medals. 

    Once you have enough bronze medals, you can head over to the Stage Challenge menu (which is located under the season pass) to unlock a Challenge Battle. 

    Some details regarding Challenge Battles:

    • They do not give the same rewards as normal battles and do not count towards "Amy's Requests."
    • You can only earn a challenge reward once.
    • Battles that can only be played with 4 players need to be played in teams of 4, though this will be disabled during the beta.

    More info is in the graphics below:




    The game will have six power-ups, including:

    • Magnet: Attracts rings.
    • Barrier: Blocks one attack from enemies or other players.
    • Invincible: Makes you temporarily invulnerable to attacks from enemies and other players.
    • Boost: Allows you to run faster and prevents you from staggering when you run into other players.
    • Attack: Allows you to attack other players with the attack button. A successful attack steals the other player's rings.
    • Ranged Attack: Allows you to launch an attack that will hit all players in a certain area. Again, this will let you steal the attacked players rings.

    Here's a graphic of all the power ups:




    Customizable Settings

    Player name:

    • You can change your player name in settings, though there is a 7 day cool down after each change. Choose it wisely.

    Customize button layout: 

    • Tap the "customize" button next to battle settings in the settings menu.
    • In the UI section, you can customize the placement of buttons and adjust button size in the Virtual Pad Layout.

    Change Camera Settings:

    • You can adjust camera settings by tapping manual next to "Camera Controls."

    Check out some additional graphics for this below:


    We Are Fearless! Event

    The beta test will have a unique event that ties into Fearless Year of Shadow. Participation is simple: you receive a Fearless Year of Shadow sticker through the Fearless Pass. You equip it to your character and use it during matches. Every instance of a player using it in a match will earn a point towards rewards for the entire community, with a total of six milestones.

    You can check out graphics outlining how everything will work in-game below:





    Be sure to stay tuned to Sonic Stadium for more Sonic Rumble coverage! I got into the beta, so I'll be seeing you on the track!


    The Sonic Stadium may link to retailers and earn a small commission on purchases made from users who click those links. These links will only appear in articles related to the product, in an unobtrusive manner, and do not influence our editorial decisions in any way. All proceeds will go to supporting our community and continued coverage of Sonic the Hedgehog. Thank you in advance for your kind support!
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    Tried out Rumble and it's interesting. Can't say I'm in love with it or anything but it's fun for what is. Works fine on an iPhone SE 2 for what it's worth.

    The controls are... well they're touchscreen controls for a 3D game so you already know they're not great for anyone not already use to them. They try to make things as simple and automated as possible but even then it's kinda rough. I'm probably going to try and hook up a controller for tomorrow's session and see if it takes.

    Doubt the shop will remain this generous in the final release but what's there rn does make it pretty neat to go through and get characters. Some nice variation and pulls from the games too for the skins and stuff.

    While I probably won't invest much more time into it due to it being on mobile, I might pop in form time to time like I do with the Forces app. Solid "ok" for me lol.

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    Played quite a bit. It's alright. The progression never leaves you feeling bored, and the variety in challenges is alright at first. I'm pretty bummed by the controller support, it doesn't go through menus and I cannot figure out if my Switch Procon even has an "attack player" button mapped to it. Yikes. But... it's totally passable otherwise, so if you haven't played it yet you'll probably enjoy it.
    They've been super generous with giving out free rings to beta testers. I've already had enough to unlock two of any special skin I want - and the gameplay rewards you for sinking your time in with red rings, so you can get the battlepass for free. Neat! I hope they keep that up. Games that let you unlock a premium battlepass just by putting in extra effort make me feel a little less drained by global game monetization practices.

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    So the last session just ended and my thoughts are probably the same as before. It's fine, wish it weren't on mobile though.

    Though idk if it's a skill diff or something but I found that it was really easy to just get wrecked in the final round due to everyone around you somehow having attack items? Idk, probably is just me being bad but between me not seeing them spawn on my small phone screen and all I won't lie, rustled my jimmies a bit lol. Would go to 2nd to 8th in about 5 seconds.

    Did learn that the game partially supports controllers. In that you can move, jump, and homing attack with it but it seems that every other action isn't mapped to it at all. Still need to touch the screen to use items and navigate the menus so it's probably not all that viable.

    Anyway, filled out the surveys and what not. Main thing I'm hoping for is that we get some real niche characters in here.

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    Sega DogTagz


    what was the frame rate like? did it remain smooth or was it chuggy like some of the earlier footage we got before the beta?


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    7 minutes ago, Sega DogTagz said:

    what was the frame rate like? did it remain smooth or was it chuggy like some of the earlier footage we got before the beta?


    My iPhone SE (2nd gen I think) kept it running at a pretty stable fps. Hell I think it was even managing 60fps but just doing it at a relatively low res like what DT does. Point is I'm usually the one to notice bad performance in games but even I was good with what's here. Though again, small screen, so I could've missed some inconsistencies.

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    Ran totally fine on my Galaxy S10. Didn't notice any frame drops, it defaulted me to Medium settings but I could raise or lower it if I wanted.

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