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  • Sonic Pinball Party Screenshots - See Sonic, NiGHTS and Amigo Tables in Action

    With all the excitement around Sonic Heroes and Sonic Battle, it's easy to forget that there are even more Sonic games coming even sooner! Sonic Pinball Party looks to bring the 'pinball' spinoff genre back to the Sonic series, and this time the blue blur is joined by fellow Sonic Team heroes NiGHTS and Amigo.

    Take a look at the logo and a whole load of screenshots released today, below.


    ^ The official logo.

    Looking at the screenshots, it looks like a more 'serious' pinball affair than Sonic Spinball (where you actually played as the 'ball'). In Pinball Party, you control traditional pinball tables that are themed after Sonic the Hedgehog, NiGHTS into dreams and Samba de Amigo.

    It looks like the game comes complete with a story mode where Sonic has to fight other characters in a pinball showdown! And for the Chao raising fans out there, Tiny Chao Garden makes a reappearance here, alongside a bunch of new minigames that look inspired by casino games. Don't get addicted, now!

    SonicPinball_E3_Screen_1.jpg SonicPinball_E3_Screen_2.jpg SonicPinball_E3_Screen_3.jpg SonicPinball_E3_Screen_4.jpg SonicPinball_E3_Screen_5.jpg SonicPinball_E3_Screen_6.jpg SonicPinball_E3_Screen_7.jpg SonicPinball_E3_Screen_8.jpg SonicPinball_E3_Screen_9.jpg SonicPinball_E3_Screen10.jpg SonicPinball_E3_Screen11.jpg SonicPinball_E3_Screen12.jpg SonicPinball_E3_Screen13.jpg SonicPinball_E3_Screen14.jpg SonicPinball_E3_Screen15.jpg SonicPinball_E3_Screen16.jpg SonicPinball_E3_Screen17.jpg SonicPinball_E3_Screen18.jpg SonicPinball_E3_Screen19.jpg SonicPinball_E3_Screen20.jpg SonicPinball_E3_Screen21.jpg

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