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  • Sonic Frontiers' Titan Boss Fights Will Require Super Sonic

    Regular ol' blue Sonic just can't match up.

    While long-prior tradition once dictated that thou shalt fight the biggest boss at the end of the game as Super Sonic, Sonic Frontiers is once again shaking things up. As we reported last week, the latest TGS trailer teased Titan battles, pitting Sonic against towering bosses. In an interview with IGN Japan, director Morio Kishimoto confirms that these fights do require transforming into Super Sonic.


    "Up until now, in Sonic games, Super Sonic would only appear against the last boss. Imagine if the first boss in Sonic Frontiers is as strong as those bosses."

    The TGS trailer shows Sonic scaling the massive enemy in order to take the Chaos Emerald housed on its head, using all seven to transform, and then flying towards the enemy. While no combat is shown, IGN notes that the Super Sonic fights have their own moveset separate from the standard traversal and combat mechanics.

    The franchise has taken different approaches to Super Sonic from Sonic Colors onward, some games requiring the seven emeralds to fight a final boss as Super Saiyan Sonic, others using that form as a reward for completing extra challenges, and even Sonic Forces offering him as free DLC. It's interesting to see Frontiers' take as adding further variety to the game's combat encounters, bucking yet further modern Sonic trends.

    Thanks to @SSF1991 for the tip!

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    Posted By: Metal

    I’ve been pretty skeptical of Frontiers, but credit where it’s due, this is a neat concept. The idea of the very first boss being on the same scale as Perfect Chaos or the Time Eater or so many others in the past is actually pretty intriguing and does kind of feel like upping the stakes.

    That said, how this is implemented matters a lot. By making it required it runs the risk of devaluing Super Sonic. Especially if the ending twist is just some other new transformation like Hyper Sonic. And if Super Sonic has a totally different moveset than regular Sonic then it could also feel like more of a Werehog situation where the gameplay is abruptly forced to change to something wildly different than what people expect or want.

    Much like Frontiers as a whole, I think this is an interesting and intriguing idea, but I’m not yet convinced they can pull it off.

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    Posted By: Wayfarer

    I don’t think these bosses will be as powerful as Perfect Chaos and the Time Eater. Sonic is likely still recovering his memories at this point, so he wouldn’t know how to use his Super state to its fullest yet.

    It’s worth noting that Sonic has often had to team up with others to take on the really powerful threats like Solaris, so he could end up doing that again for Frontiers’ final boss, or even use the Hyper form if he has to fight such an enemy all by himself.

    I’d honestly prefer a Super team-up though, because outside of Mania it’s been ages since Sonic’s friends were relevant.

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