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  • Sonic Frontiers' Expansion Soundtrack Now Available on Streaming Platforms

    Get in the (open) zone while on the go with these awesome sounds.

    Been enjoying Sonic Frontiers: Final Horizon, but you're on your way to work now and can't get to your console to play some more? You can now pull up your favourite music streaming service and get lost in the new music from the expansion, courtesy of Tomoya Ohtani's remixed "Paths Revisited" OST.

    The album was announced last month with news of a staggered release - the streaming version of the OST launched yesterday, with a physical CD release releasing a little later on November 15.

    We've been playing the Final Horizon DLC (we will share our thoughts on that soon enough) but we can absolutely say that Ohtani's work here has once again hit the mark, with some incredible remixes of Cyberspace stages and rhythmic compositions that accompany the open zone gameplay of the four playable characters. It's great, and you should all listen to it.

    You can listen to the album on Spotify via the link / embed below, but it should also be available on Apple Music, as well as other good music streaming platforms.

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    I'd love to have all the soundtracks on Spotify to make a playlist including all of my favourite tracks. I think it could also be great to have some thematic playlists, e.g., one for the upcoming Halloween.
    In my opinion, this kind of things would be very good to enforce the sense of community around the Sonic brand. Hope SEGA/Sonic Team social media managers will make something like that in the future!

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    Essentially this is my track list for the foreseeable week. It’s a fantastic mix of epic and low-fi chill tunes that hit all those sweet spots my brain is after right now. 

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    It's here! Reaching far across these new Formats!
    ok,that was a bad parody,but i can't wait to listen to this!:celebrate:

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