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  • Sonic Frontiers and Sonic Origins Nominated for Japan Game Awards 2023

    Public vote now open for Game of the Year.

    The annual Japan Game Awards has officially launched its public voting period to decide which video game should be crowned Game of the Year 2023 - and SEGA's own Sonic Frontiers and Sonic Origins (Plus) have both been admitted into the final shortlist.

    For both Sonic the Hedgehog titles released in the last year to be nominated for the yearly game award is a pretty big deal, and proves just how far Sonic Team has come over the last five years to bring the Sonic series back into the public eye in such a positive way.

    F0010iDakAEJVa8.jpeg F0014eDakAA-78d.jpeg

    Interestingly, Sonic Frontiers and Sonic Origins also cover two distinct eras of the 32-year-long franchise - so whether you prefer Sonic's modern adventures, or think the blue blur was best back in the 1990s, there's no reason not to choose Sonic!

    It's a public voting event, so if you want to do your part and help Sonic Team win an award, you can visit the Japan Game Awards 2023 website (Japanese), click the button that reads, "投票する", and then in the blue search area use the text field to search for either Sonic Frontiers or Sonic Origins Plus by using the following:

    • ソニックオリジンズ - Sonic Origins
    • ソニックオリジンズ - デジタルデラックス - Sonic Origins Digital Deluxe
    • ソニックフロンティア - Sonic Frontiers
    • ソニックフロンティア (ダウンロード版)- Sonic Frontiers (Download Version)
    • ソニックフロンティア デジタルデラックス - Sonic Frontiers Digital Deluxe

    Each of the above games have multiple entries relating to their specific console platform, so feel free to pick the version of the game/s you want to win specifically.

    When you've done that, let Sonic Team know you've supported them via their social media channel here.

    Good luck, Sonic Team!

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    I dunno...Metroid Prime Remastered came out this year.

    If Sonic Origins is in the running for being a compilation of several classic Sonic games then I would contend a remastered version of the best game from the 2000s decade should also be in contention as well...

    EDIT: Oh this is for 2022. The Origins Plus logo messed with me.

    Hmm...2022...maybe Sonic Frontiers...? Although I definitely had my issues with it.

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