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  • SEGA Uploads Clean Version of Sonic Superstars' Opening Animation

    Off screen footage is nice, but this is better.

    SEGA has uploaded a clean version of that Sonic Superstars opening animation that we recorded during our Summer Game Fest coverage last month. With this, we also get our first taste of the game’s soundtrack! It seems Tee Lopes has confirmed that this particular track was produced by both him and Jun Senoue.

    You can check it out at the Sonic the Hedgehog Youtube channel, or in the embed below:

    Sonic Superstars is expected to launch sometime this fall. 

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    Not bad, but IMO, it's lacking one of those amazing vocal intros like You Can Do Anything, Sonic Boom, Open Your Heart, Sonic Heroes... c'mon SEGA, we know you can do better...


    Print of the island. I don't think it says much, but our usual Green Hill like level, Casino level, Chemical Plant/Oil Ocean, some rocky/hill top like level, and what I believe can be a Sandopolis kind of level, with what seems a lot of Grassy/forest levels in between. Not sure what's that first metal/wood structure on the south of main island, but gives some Wood Zone vibes.

    Of course, assuming all those are actual levels, and not just random details on the island.

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    Nice view of the isle(s). Presumably - was it 12 zones confirmed? -  there is more that we can't see in this picture alone. 

    The animation was fine too. Whilst I'm glad we are still getting these, lately it feels like the overall quality of these are getting worse and worse with each game instalment and/or trailer somehow. Have they changed up the production company or animation direction or something?

    Sonic Mania and subsequently "Adventures"  had a real classic-zip-bang-quality-polished feel to the whole thing that I'm not feeling in this (at least, not all the way through anyway). 

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    A super No.1 washedupgamer


    So when Sega said there would be 12 zones in superstars, do you think they meant- 12 playable acts=6 zones or 12 zones= 24 playable acts? If it's the former then that is a disgusting case of setting up false expectations

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    Love the animation the colours are bright and vibrant which look beautiful. And loved the Island's view as well looking forward to playing Sonic Superstars when a dates gets announced.

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    The sky ruins look a lot more craggy and rustic than previous depictions, which is a welcome switch-up.  Note that Eggman, Fang and Trip at the end of the opening are in that same funfair location we see on the map; the giant silver Eggman structure appears in both.

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