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  • SEGA Releases Sonic Frontiers Soundtrack Studio Recording for 'Ares Island'

    Get a feel for the Dusty Desert landscapes.

    With Sonic Frontiers' release inching ever closer, SEGA has yet another sampling of the OST, this time highlighting Ares Island, and an interview with the man behind this and many other modern Sonic soundtracks.

    Titled "Ares Island: 2nd Mvt." the video shows off the sights, tone, and instruments of the level's windswept desert landscape. We can certainly hear some interpolation of Sonic 2006's Dusty Desert stage music in this new track, which is a really nice throwback.

    What do you think of this incredibly atmospheric tune? Let us know in the comments section below.

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    Shaddy Zaphod

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    I think I'm going to enjoy this game's soundtrack. Its like a more effective version of Dusty Desert from 06. The live instruments give it a lot more character.

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    Posted By: Greatsong1

    Aquatic Mine is one of my favorite Sonic level music ever, love this guy’s work.

    Ares Island theme sounds nice.

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