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  • SEGA Europe Lists 'Sonic Hero' For November 2003 Release

    What's this? What's this? It seems like SEGA Europe has let slip a detail about the next Sonic the Hedgehog game in a leaked release listing. Among a number of planned SEGA releases - many as-yet unannounced - there is mention of a game called 'Sonic Hero' for Gamecube in 'November'.

    The leak was covered by Computer and Video Games, who wrote, "If accurate, a broad range of hitherto unannounced titles is on its way to all next-gen formats by the end of the year, including some big-name sequels. With Sega Europe having just effectively re-opened for business as a European publishing force, the leaked information, if true, is likely to cause rather painful internal headaches."

    Here's the full list:

    • Phantasy Star Online - Xbox (May 16)
    • Virtua Fighter 4 - Evolution - PS2 (July)
    • Otogi - Xbox (August)
    • Puyo Pop - PS2, Xbox, GC (August)
    • Phantasy Star Online Card Battle - Xbox, GC (October)
    • Altered Beast - PS2 (October)
    • Initial D - PS2 (October)
    • Headhunter 2 - PS2 (October)
    • Giant Egg - GC (October/November)
    • Sonic Hero - GC (November)
    • Sega Rally 3 - PS2 (Q1 2004)
    • Mister Golf - PS2 (Q1 2004)
    • Management Soccer - PS2 (Q1 2004)

    Apparently, SEGA Europe spokespeople are saying, "This is a rumour and we don't comment on rumours," but CVG says its own sources are saying this leak is accurate. Time will tell, we suppose - not long until E3 when we get to see for ourselves!

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