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  • SEGA and LEGO Announce Sonic Superstars DLC Collaboration

    See through the eyes of a Sonic-shaped LEGO brick.

    SEGA has revealed that it is working on special LEGO-themed DLC for Sonic Superstars, as part of a collaboration with the Danish toy company.



    Announced during the Sonic Central showcase, with a short trailer that saw Sonic transform into LEGO and face off against a similarly brick-built Dr Eggman, the new partnership also includes a special pre-order bonus for the game where players can unlock a special Dr Eggman LEGO Minifig costume.

    While the trailer and the showcase itself told us little about the collab, a follow-up press release we received from SEGA reveals that, "Sonic and LEGO have teamed up for a brick-tacular DLC where fans can soon experience the Blue Blur in brick form with a free LEGO Sonic skin! Fans who pre-order Sonic Superstars will also get access a special skin that transforms Eggman into LEGO Eggman!"



    So there you go. Look forward to that!

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    A lego sonic skin huh. So is it safe to say skins are all but confirmed now, and amy isn't just some special exception?

    I wonder if we'll get a small lego zone to run through as well.

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    This is such a "but why" moment in the best possible way. I really hope we also get LEGO versions of the other characters for consistency's sake. We have the technology.


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