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  • RUMOR: Origins Datamine Hints At Frontiers Characters and Mechanics

    Possible spoilers ahead of a returning character and new character(s). Be aware!

    The game is not out, and we cannot yet confirm this (grain of salt grain of salt grain of salt), but a user on ResetEra has pulled a handful of value references from Sonic Origin's frontend that may have originated from Sonic Frontiers.

    While some of the value references are fairly obvious what they equate to, "FirstPortalCleared" or "UIParryTutorialWatched," a few refer to characters and mechanics that may be involved in the game. The ResetEra page has about 28 listed, but picking out just a few...

    • KodamaElderFirstTalked
    • KodamaHermitFirstTalked
    • FishingBigFirstTalked
    • FishCaught
    • VoiceDiaryCaught
    • GrowFlowerStartDay

    Fishing in the game has been one of the many prevalent rumors following the Summer Game Fest impressions, and if this datamine is accurate, Frontiers fishing may involve the rod master himself, Big the Cat. For now, we'll just have to hope; it's not truly an open world game without fishing.

    Other noteworthy references include an elder and a hermit that Sonic can presumably talk to, listed as "kodama" (a reference to Japanese tree spirits?), a flower growing based on time, and a voice diary. 

    SEGA has remained tight-lipped on the extended details of Sonic Frontiers' gameplay beyond the IGN gameplay videos and Summer Game Fest written impressions. The game's tone thus far has been very isolated, but perhaps with a couple more inhabitants of the island, it won't be quite as lonesome an experience.

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    TSS Classic Comment Bot


    Posted By: Tim

    Yeah we’ve officially heard of the elder before in the IGN videos (I think), so that checks out at least.

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    TSS Classic Comment Bot


    Posted By: Metal

    I’m still not going to say I have a lot of hope for Frontiers, but the presence of Big the Cat as a fishing guru is buying it a lot of goodwill from me right now.

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