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  • New Sonic Superstars Stage Revealed: Pinball Carnival Zone

    The classic pinball themed stage returns.

    A new stage for Sonic Superstars has been revealed by way of concept art via the Sonic social media channels - and as you'd expect from a classic Sonic title, this one looks to focus on the blue blur's penchant for bouncing around like a mad pinball.


    Introducing Pinball Carnival Zone, a stage that looks like it will be full of vibrant colours and active gimmicks. The concept art above gives off vibes of not only Carnival Night Zone in previous 2D Sonic titles, but also a little bit of Twinkle Park from Sonic Adventure too. Check out that Eggman building in the background, too. No doubt this will be a big point of interest for the Sonic crew as they take on Fang, Trip and co.

    What do you think of this? Delightfully retro, or unoriginal? Let us know in the comments section below.

    via Twitter

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    I'm getting that retro 90's style Sonic vibes all over again by looking at that beautiful concept art here of Sonic Superstars. I am getting more excited about Sonic Superstars when more Information comes about the game.

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    Oh boy...pinball physics...god help me

    Joke aside, looks neat from just the image we see of it! Love the giant eggman structure looming over the background, I hope it'll slowly rotate as we traverse the stage as if we're running around it. I think stardust in mania had a similar effect during the metal sonic fight? Something like that would be really cool.

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    14 hours ago, Sonictrainer said:
      Reveal hidden contents

    Haha oh well! That's really cool though, that almost seems a bit Sandopolis in approach! :goof:

    13 hours ago, TheOcelot said:

    Also really like the Sonic CD vibes.


    Oh snap I didn't even think of this, nice spot!

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    We've already had about 3 or more Carnival style zones. My expectations for this game are already low, and this isn't doing things any favours.

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