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  • English Version of SEGA Sonic Cosmo Fighter Arcade Game Dumped and Released Online

    It's not actually playable yet, but give it time.

    A rare English language version of the sit-in arcade game SEGA Sonic Cosmo Fighter has been dumped and released to the public. It's not currently playable, but fans can download the ROM in anticipation of the game being operable on the MAME emulator when it is next updated.

    The ROM dump was provided by Twitter user "IAMAMAZING100" (which is, actually, an amazing name), who has reportedly been in possession of a legitimate SEGA Sonic Cosmo Fighter arcade cabinet since June 2021.

    While there is currently no way to play the ROM once downloaded, eager Sonic fans have taken to run the file through audio software regardless to see what happens... and surprisingly enough you can hear the voices of Sonic and Eggman as the game runs.

    SEGA Sonic Cosmo Fighter was already an incredibly rare piece of Sonic (and arcade) history, due to its extremely limited Japan-only run in the early 90s, but the fact that a legitimate English language version exists has been something of a legendary find. The fact that we have a dump that may soon be playable will go a long way for arcade game preservation efforts.

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    What is going on with Sonic's voice in this, and here we thought Roger Craig Smith's Sonic was deep!

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