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  • Check Out These Gorgeous First Screenshots For Sonic Superstars

    All the colours of the rainbow!

    It's fair to say we're super-excited about tonight's reveal of Sonic Superstars - it's already looking like a promising like a true return to form for the colourful and attitude-heavy series! SEGA has just released some official screenshots of the game in action, and we thought you'd might like to take a look for yourself.


    As you can see, Sonic and the game world just look absolutely gorgeous, with eye-popping colours and vibrant environments throughout. Hopefully we'll see some original takes on some classic gameplay tropes.


    One of the big features about this particular game is the inclusion of up to four-player local co-op, which means that for the first time Sonic, Tails, Knuckles and Amy can all go around kicking Dr. Eggman's mechanical Badniks in unison! We're hoping that this will open the door for some creative co-op play and routes only accessible by using certain characters' moves.


    It seems like, for all its Classic Sonic approach to gameplay, Sonic Superstars does pick up a few things from the more Modern Sonic titles. Such as this set-piece which sees Sonic being chased by a massive.... robot fish thing.


    Amy Rose is playable for only the second time in a 2D classic Sonic platforming game (after her gameplay debut in the upcoming Sonic Origins Plus, of course). Here she is running around with her Piko Piko Hammer - possibly deadly for any robots standing in her way.


    As reports have revealed, there are special abilities that can be unlocked using retrieved Chaos Emeralds in the game. This could be one of those powers in action.

    Check out more images below - all of them can be found on the Sonic Superstars official website.

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    The Sonic Superstars game Is getting me really excited the pictures of the game looks ace. I just can't wait to play this soon 🙌😊

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    5 minutes ago, Waveshocker Sigma said:

    Knuckles' head looks enormous compared to everyone else's for some reason. lol

    People said the same thing about Sonic Boom Knuckles, so I guess it's just a character trait...  He does have a slightly wider and longer head than other characters, which might contribute to that impression (flatter, though).

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    These are amazing! I can't wait to see more of these!

    On the note of the Chaos Emeralds granting powers, I wonder if that will appear in future games as well, modern or classic?

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    Looking at this again, is anyone getting a major Rayman Legends vibe here? Not a complaint at all. If this can play just as well as RL, we'll be on a winner here.

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    Ming Ming Hatsune



    Amy Rose is playable for only the second time in the Sonic series (after her gameplay debut in the upcoming Sonic Origins Plus, of course).

    I think you mean Classic Sonic platformer series since Amy has been playable in countless games, even you can go back to spinoffs like Sonic R and Fighters when she was classic.

    I wish we had a level demo we can watch.

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    Looks awesome and I love the surprise trailer with the close release date! I wish more games were revealed like this, rather than years out.

    If I had any gripes to give, it would be pretty much all the running animations besides what we've seen of Tails'. The rest of them look to be kinda off. Sonic's full speed pose should be leaning forward with a serious or cocky facial expression, but he's almost leaning backwards with a lifeless-looking face. Idk, small things, but it's what we'll be looking at for most of the game so hopefully it isn't final or looks better in-person. Reminds me of the Sonic 4 trailer running animation situation if anyone recalls that fiasco lol.

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