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  • The Sonic Voice Cast Attends MCM Comic Con - Here's All The Details From the Panel

    Favourite games, theme songs, career impact and more!

    This weekend the legendary voice cast behind Sonic Frontiers is at MCM Comic Con in London, UK. Fans at the show can meet and greet with Roger Craig Smith (Sonic), Colleen O'Shaughnessey (Tails), Ryan Bartley (Sage) and Dave B Mitchell (Knuckles) all through Sunday, but on Friday the cast took part in a panel on the main stage.

    Here are some of the highlights from that event, that I recorded from (nearly) the front row...

    The event mostly involved questions from the audience - as you can imagine there were a LOT of people lined up to speak to the four voice actors. One of the first questions asked the team what their favourite Sonic game was.


    Ryan says Sonic Frontiers, for obvious reasons, but also suggests Sonic Adventure 2, which generated lots of cheers from the crowd. Dave also says Frontiers, while Colleen agrees (but also says Generations), and Roger cheekily says, "the princess-kissing Sonic 06!"


    Next, the cast were asked who their favourite series character was (that isn't Sonic). Roger, of course, cheats and says "Super Sonic!", while Colleen picks Dave the Intern from Sonic Boom. Dave (B Mitchell, not The Intern) chooses Eggman and Ryan goes with Tails.


    The next question was about how much of an impact being involved in the Sonic series has had on the voice actors' lives. I've filmed the responses here:

    Ryan and Dave:

    Colleen and Roger:

    In response to the question, "What song would your character listen to the most to get pumped up?", Roger picked Metallica's 'Fuel' for Sonic, while Colleen went with 'I Believe I Can Fly' for Tails. Dave chose 'Eye of the Tiger' ("a classic!") for Knuckles. There was a bit of a discussion between the panel for Ryan's answer because, in her words, "Sage probably wouldn't know much about music."


    One particular question seemed to throw the panel off. Someone asked, "What is your favourite Sonic team," likely referring to the 'team' dynamic of Sonic Heroes. It didn't appear like that was fully understood, but naturally the panel decided upon "Team Sonic, of course", given that the voices of Sonic, Tails and Knuckles were all on stage. But Roger, who had been giving amazing banter this whole time, added "anything by Crush 40!" - a line he jokingly used in response to almost every other question.


    Time was running out, and the final question of the panel fell to a fan who wanted to ask the cast what kind of Sonic project they'd all like to work together on again (the fan also talked about the existence of rumours of a Sonic Heroes remake, which he used to contextualise his question, but obviously the cast didn't acknowledge that part). Of course, understanding that they were only talking about hypotheticals, Colleen and Roger were drawn to fondly recall their time working on the Sonic Boom cartoon series. Roger added that, even though it likely wouldn't happen, "it would be nice" to work again on a "Season 3 of Sonic Boom".


    And that was the Sonic Frontiers Voice Cast Panel at MCM Expo. It was a very relaxed and fun atmosphere, and Roger, Colleen, Dave and Ryan were very friendly to all the fans who braved the microphone to ask a question. Even when some were nervous, they offered kind reassurance and jokes to break the ice. All four of these personalities are incredibly down to earth and clearly love connecting with their fans, and it was a delight to see their group dynamic on stage in real time.

    If you were at MCM Comic Con this weekend, share your photos either here or in the Community Gallery album I just set up (you can also see more photos I took from the show in general that day), and share your experiences in this thread!

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    I honestly think there’s something really fun about seeing Roger and Colleen talk about Sonic Boom so fondly. Like or hate the show, you can tell the voice cast was really having fun with the material and how absurd the jokes could get (Live Action Roger in that one episode being a prime example). Really goes to show how much of a chill atmosphere there must’ve been in the recording booth for Boom.

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    Ah, I didn't know there were arcades (looking at the gallery images). I assume they were in the other half? I didn't get the chance to explore the other half as I was standing in line to meet Roger for over 2 hours. The wait was awful, but I ended up getting my Frontiers steelbook signed by him and taking a selfie with him. A true dream come true! The panel was great as well, I loved it. I was wearing a Shadow hat so that's why Roger chose that quote to write.


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