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  • SDCC 2023: We Visited the Sonic Speed Cafe and Met Sonic!

    Who wants a chili dog?

    The Sonic Stadium is at San Diego Comic Con 2023, and although we've already covered our awesome LEGO Booth Tour, one of the first things we actually did was visit the tasty new Sonic Speed Cafe that's popped up on 910 J Street.

    2023-speedcafe-visit2.jpeg 2023-speedcafe-visit1.jpeg

    Our SDCC Man on the Ground @Jason Berry was invited to the restaurant's Grand Opening on July 19th, where the first 50 visitors would get themselves some free Sonic merch and the blue blur was even at the venue to meet and greet with eager fans.

    Although it took a while for the long line to file into the cafe, there was plenty of fun and entertainment on hand while we were waiting. And not just in the form of Sonic's appearance (which you can see in the clip above) - fellow fans also got in on the action, some coming in awesome cosplay like this fellow who arrived in full Infinite garb.


    We just hope he doesn't run into any Shadow cosplayers during his time at SDCC.

    Once inside, you can get the full Sonic experience - blue lighting, checkerboard walls, Green Hill Zone themes and character boards to take your photo with. We've taken some video and photos which you can see above. It's a very family-friendly affair, with lots of seating and plenty of activities and attractions to gawp at while you're munching on your food.

    Speaking of the food, Jason tried a selection from the main menu and found the quality to be pretty good. The Sonic Chili Dog in particular he noted was 100% Beef hot dog, which gives a particular depth to the flavour. He also tried the Knuckles Sandwich and enjoyed the slightly spicy sauce that came with it - no doubt part of the "punch" that Knuckles' signature dish offers.

    Beyond eats, the Sonic Speed Cafe offered a range of merchandise to purchase and games to play. Jason found a console area with Sonic Origins on the go, along with a series of t-shirts and hoodies that attendees could get - with one particular shirt being exclusive to a certain food set meal.

    Finally, Jason managed to have a quick chat with Kevin from Secret Sauce Society, the restauranteurs that worked with SEGA America on this collaboration. It's clear from Kevin's answers that he's a big Sonic nerd, just like us, and we can see that passion shine through in the decor and the detailed menu offering as well.

    And yes, Jason got a photo taken with Sonic. Don't they look cute together?


    So, that was the Sonic Speed Cafe pop-up restaurant. Jason's verdict is a solid Thumbs Up - if you're in the San Diego area between now and August 20 you should swing by and try a 'dog or a sandwich or two. And if you go, do let us know about your experience and what you thought of it in the comments below!

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    My heart just sank I would be over that place the Sonic Speed Cafe It would be my dreams to go there. I always wanted to go to places liked this someday thanks for sharing this with us 😊🙏

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    A super No.1 washedupgamer


    How much can you see out of that sonic costume? Looks like he had to be guided out.

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    1 hour ago, A super No.1 washedupgamer said:

    How much can you see out of that sonic costume? Looks like he had to be guided out.

    Would you believe, I have actually been in one of those (not that specific suit, an older design one) for a formal function and yeah, you can’t see three feet in front of your face.

    • Too Many Rings 1
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