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    This is a series of personal blogs written by Dreadknux during the formative years of The Sonic Stadium. It chronicles significant events in the website's early life.

    Dreadknux's Diaries: The Sonic Site Award Winners, and a Christmas Update!

    Yeah, my first Christmas update this month - the last for a while, as I found from many people that my Navigation menus were confusing, and the pages were linked incorrectly in very small cases. I was unhappy at that point with my site's look, so ('sigh', you all go) again, I decide to change the cosmetics of the website. That's why the Christmas update was the last one of the year and for the next few months.


    As far as the Message Board was concerned, people were losing interest. H Hog left mysteriously, so did Krammnim. And basically many other people. Then one person came along. The one person that, from this point onwards, has always stood by the MB's side, never for one moment leaving, it seems. His name was Sonic Guy 2000, or Sonic Guy for short.

    Although he called the actual MB the Sonic Stadium a few times (it's the site, buddy ^_^ - Sega Sonic Message Board is the MB), he has practically been, a loyal Dreadknux fan. Huh, I've heard of fans of the Sonic Stadium, but fans of ME? Well, flattered I'm sure. 🙂 Sonic Guy's been there all the time from this month til... possibly foever, now he's a massive regular at the MB. So, I thought he deserves a special mention in my little 'dairy entry' here. Also, Ultimate VG, SegaSonic15 and OmegaShadow, have been more or less the only visitors to the board so far. Well, it's a good fresh start eh?

    Well, 29th December hit, and I was ready, more ready than ever to broadcast to the world the results of the Sonic Site Awards 2001. As well as the Radio Station, which I left running on Basic Broadcast while I got ready, I also had an exclusive Chat Room for the visitors. It was quite popular, and hectic - there were over 20 visitors to the Chat Room, including my good old inspiration and pal Kulock himself. ^_^

    However, as soon as I switched to Live Broadcast, Matt the Yak was really the only one that had decent speed modem to try to keep up with half of what I was saying, as the fecking Live 365 kept buffering. -_- Another flop then? NO! It was fantastic! UltraSonic suggested that I forget the poxy Live 365 and move to the Chat Room, where I would 'textually' (so to speak) announce the winners there.

    I tell you, it was a great atmosphere, and I felt more comfortable doing that there than on a dodgy Radio Station connection. 'Thank you' so bloody much Live 365, but thank you Visitors for staying and suggesting the better alternative. It was a massive hit - and a Sonic Site Awards 2002 is guaranteed!

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