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    This is a series of personal blogs written by Dreadknux during the formative years of The Sonic Stadium. It chronicles significant events in the website's early life.

    Dreadknux's Diaries: 'Awww... But I Can Rebuild!'

    It's come to this. HostOnce, the wretches that hosted us (paid for by Zifei... the poor sod, that's his money down the pan), decided that TSS was using too much of their "unlimited bandwidth and webspace". So they shut down the site. Without notifying one of us. At all. Gaffy gits.

    I could have understood shutting TSS down because of the size thing (NEVER take for granted anything that says "unlimited webspace and bandwidth" - they always partition you a portion of space, and then kick you off if you seem to be jeopardising the other accounts on the host), but WHY THE HELL didn't they tell us?

    It was only after I asked HostOnce why the site went down (for the fifth time) that they calmly explained something that would have been common courtesy to just email me. Why didn't they give me a message saying "You have used too much space, so we cut you off, Good Day"? Even something like "We had enough of your space-hogging special abilities, no matter how 'l33t' you say they are, Mr. Dreadknux. Now cart yer arse out!" would have done!

    But no. A whole month of mental torture... If I knew that came inclusive with the server package, I wouldn't have bothered.

    Now was the time to start some real work. March had not been a pleasant month. TSS kicked off, a whole site to rebuild, and uber-coursework for my A-Levels. At least I had gotten my brand spanking new PC (for me to work on TSS stuff without using my parents' computer all the time - means more time spent working for me). But even this poxy machine that I'm typing from at this moment packed up for the first two weeks and had to be repaired (free of charge - I made sure of that).

    So, no I don't like March. March sucks hairy Maltesers rubbed on a cat-infested rug.

    ... Except when you've been offered salvation, of course. Yes, I'm referring to the one good thing about March - before my non-money income, I was hoping to strain the old work boots and pay for some paid hosting somewhere else. A tad expensive, but I could do it...

    But, thanks to super-cool gal Shayne Thames (she wot did www.sonicanime.net) has offered us free space for the site! Oh, glorious day! The website lives on! ^____^ The account I needed had already been set up, I just needed...

    ...Access to my domain name. Shite. Shite with custard and cherry drops. x_X The domain name www.sonicstadium.org is still in HostOnce's name (since I had no domain name to speak of before Zifei paid for hosting on my behalf). HostOnce still has some decency left in them apparently, and it seems I can nick my domain name back.

    But, I have to wait an extra month in order to completely transfer it to another registrant (and therefore have full access to my domain). D'oh!

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