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  • Ask Dr. Dre(ad): September 2001 Mailbag

    Yes, welcome again to my surgery. I am of course, the infamous Doctor Dre(ad), and no, I am not a rap star!!! *Gasp* Sorry, it's time for my sanity pills. Now, let the doctor check up on your Sonic problem. Remember, this can be ANY Sonic question at all, it can be from the cartoons, the comics, the games (although the games are the most popular around here) or even about Sonic and his pal's background or whatever. WHATEVER you want to ask about Sonic, I am here for you.

    Or rather, forced here for you. Bread and water is hardly the wage of a doctor. Well anyway, talk to me and I'll help, OK? Just e-mail me or send a message via the form using the links at the bottom of the page. Cheerio!


    That Age-Old Question...

    Who makes better game graphics: Sega or Nintendo?
    By Ginger

    A: Just HAD to put me on the spot there, didn't you? Well, looking at the two companies' history in video games, I would have to say that Nintendo would produce the better graphics out of the two companies, but only seeings as the NES and SNES were more powerful than Sega's Master System and Mega Drive respectively.

    But it should be noted Nintendo's attention to detail is apparent in all their games. Sega on the other hand, they were originally an Arcade company, dishing out arcade games by the truckload, even today, Sega's unrivalled in this area. Pushing the boundaries all the time, Sega's graphics are unrivalled naturally, being on an arcade machine and all.

    But the home consoles that Sega would churn out, no matter how popular, was capable of outstanding graphics, but not at the pace that Sega are advancing at the moment, therefore most games are either arcade style games or ports, and the conversion is slightly poor on the graphics side, compared to the arcade originals. Outrun on the Mega Drive, anyone?

    Nevertheless, Sega still bring massive attention to detail also, for example Crazy Taxi. I'm not going to do a 'Find out for yourself which is the better two' - because that will be stupid. But, my honest opinion would be that Nintendo, being solely a home console company, pay more attention to the graphics on most of their games on their consoles, whereas comparing to the arcades (which I know is a bit unfair but still...) Sega come out on top.

    Sega is getting better though, and their in-house development teams that make pure home console titles (eg. Sonic ^_^) are at a match between the graphics side, but the majority of Sega's home console titles aren't as attentive as Nintendo's.

    Is that it? Well, sod you all then.


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