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  • Ask Dr. Dre(ad): February 2002 Mailbag

    Yes, welcome again to my surgery. I am of course, the infamous Doctor Dre(ad), and no, I am not a rap star!!! *Gasp* Sorry, it's time for my sanity pills. Now, let the doctor check up on your Sonic problem. Remember, this can be ANY Sonic question at all, it can be from the cartoons, the comics, the games (although the games are the most popular around here) or even about Sonic and his pal's background or whatever.

    WHATEVER you want to ask about Sonic, I am here for you. Or rather, forced here for you, bread and water is hardly the wage of a doctor. Well anyway, talk to me and I'll help, OK? Just e-mail me or send a message via the form using the links at the bottom of the page. Cheerio!


    Christmas Wishes

    Uh... hi. What did they mean when they said: "See ya in SA3, Sonic"? Does that mean that there's gonna be Sonic Adventure 3 coming out soon, but for the Nintendo GameCube??? PLEASE reply, I'm sooooo desperate!!!
    By Keelie-Ann

    A: I assume you're referring to this. Well, that picture was just a little mock up of a Christmas Card by Sonic that I made for you guys. There has been rumours of an SA3 coming out, and even rumours saying that it would be ready by December 2003, but Sonic Team have not officially announced it yet, and so all of that is possibly false, unless ST are making it on the quiet. Who knows?

    Origin Story

    Hey Dreadknux. What are you anyway?
    By Virus 20

    A: I'll pass it over to the man behind the green, shall I?

    Hi Virus, Dread here. I was wondering when it would be until someone wanted to find out about me. OK then, here's my storyline and my past, basically:

    • I am an echidna, like Knuckles, only I am kinda negative-coloured instead of red, and I am known as God of the Echidnas, for the extreme power that I hold. When I was born I was subdued to some radiation to the Hyper Emerald, an Emerald even more powerful than the Master Emerald, which is kept in the Sonic Stadium's Shrine.

      All echidnas that touch it however are poisoned by radiation (it did not affect me as I was exposed to it when I was born, that is what caused my negative-colour). I was not a god however until one fateful battle beckoned - I was a mortal echidna (with extraordinary powers) until this moment...
    • In a story in the Moogle Cavern (www.mooglecavern.com), setup by Moogle Caverners, an evil god called Cowkey attacked fellow MC'ers and myself. When most of the group was split up, the only way to find hope was to hold the power of the Hyper Emerald. A fellow Mortal Echidna, Tenniru, was somehow not affected by the radiation, and a friend called Alpha Hedgehog was also not affected. I hesitated to use, but I decided that the only way for hope was to withstand the agonising power of the Hyper Emerald.

      Although the extreme power that was given to Tenniru and Alpha wore off after a limited time, for myself, the effects were irreversible. I had extreme power, and it was from that moment that I realised I was destined to become the God of the Echidnas, to lead and guide the mortal echidnas into prosperity and to protect them with all my might.
    • ... Plus I'm head of The Sonic Stadium, The SSMB, The Sonic Site Awards... ^_^


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