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  • SDCC 2023: IDW Sonic Panel Live Coverage (Ended)

    Live from San Diego

    We’re here live from San Diego Comic Con, covering IDW’s Sonic panel!

    It’s running from 1PM-2PM EST


    I’m sitting down! Got a good seat.


    Next arc is called “Misadventures.” Stories after are smaller in scale. Details:


    Covers for issue 67. This story sees Surge and Kit try to join the Restoration.


    They’ve moved on to the 900th Adventure. Celebrating 30 years of English language stories.


    900th Adventure preview pages:


    We’ve moved on to Endless Summer now. No new info.


    We’ve got a new cover from the upcoming Halloween one-shot:


    A look at upcoming collections:


    When asked where they’d wanna hang out, Evan Stanley said Angel Island, Adam Bryce Thomas said “that camp site that caught fire,” and Mike Cisneros said “Any Eggman base.”

    We got a preview page from the Amy Rose one-shot! They compared it to a shojo.


    BREAKING: We missed the image because it went really fast, but they showed silhouettes of Knuckles and Fang more or less confirming both for a one-shot. Presumably one that will feature them both, like Amy and Metal Sonic in her one-shot.

    They’ve moved on to the Q&A. Nothing worth newsing yet.


    Not much from this, you can find all the answers from this on our Twitter. But there is something worth posting here:


    Q: We keep having some magic rock as a plot device. Has this always been something the stories have to have?

    A: Yea, kinda the way it is.  We will have another story in the future involving magic rocks.

    And panel is done!

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    Glad to see Surge & Kit returns love those characters going to be really Interesting about joining the resistance or they might be onto something 🤔

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    • Moderator


    Can't say a lot of these are particularly hyping me up. Feels way too soon to have Surge and Kit showing up again, and having the Diamond Cutters spotlight in another arc just again feels overused. I'm happy the next arc is going to focus on smaller stories, but it's getting pretty tiresome how it feels like we're constantly having the same characters in rotation.

    Even funnier, considering villains like Mimic is only just returning after a very long time since we last saw them. 

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    I do hope Surge and Kit aren't shoehorned in and have a proper arc. I will say I expected not to see Surge again for quite a while, especially not with some villain turned good plot. I'm hopeful that it'll be good, but also a little wary it'll be a stake-less mini-arc.

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