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  • 'Scrapnik Island' Trade Paperback Is Out Now - With Added Concept Artwork

    Four-issue collection includes some awesome bonus content.

    IDW's impressive four-part Sonic comic arc, 'Scrapnik Island', has just been released as a trade paperback for collectors to own and place on their favourite shelf. This special compilation also comes complete with previously-unseen concept art from Nathalie Fourdraine, and has inspired a range of merch that can be purchased at upcoming conventions too.


    To celebrate the occasion, the story's author Daniel Barnes has revealed that he will be taking a brand new print and a set of collectible stickers to sell at upcoming shows and signings. You can see these below - all drawn up by Fourdraine.



    We won't lie, we think that print artwork is absolutely incredible. Featuring all the main players of the story arc, including Sonic, Mecha Sonic Mk2, E-117 Sigma, Mecha Knuckles and more! The stickers are full of character as well.

    Fourdraine has also shared a whole bunch of concept art for the three main robots that feature. "As featured in the trade book, here's the full turnaround sheets for Mecha Sonic MK2, along with a sheet I made to explore his actions and expressions," she wrote. You can see them all below.







    You can read the synopsis of the trade paperback version below. The book is available now (released 29 August 2023), weighs in at 104 pages and retails at $15.99 USD.


    A stormy night. A plane crash. A deserted island--or so it seems. Sonic and Tails find themselves castaways, surrounded by robots hardwired to target them!

    That's no island—it's the weathered hulk of the Death Egg, and it's crawling with scrapped, rusted, and malfunctioning Badniks! Each and every one of them was created by Eggman to destroy that meddlesome hedgehog, but the mad doctor left other creations as well. Lethal, personal, familiar creations.

    What other secrets does the crumbling battle station hold? Are all of Eggman's monsters doomed to follow their programming, or can they step out of their maker's shadow? And where can a hungry ’hog get a chili dog around here?

    Writer Daniel Barnes (The Black Mage, Aggretsuko) presents a nail-biting new Sonic adventure, full of fears and gears, with shadowy, shocking art by IDW Sonic veteran Jack Lawrence (Transformers: Wreckers—Tread & Circuits).

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    I love that Scrapnik Island 🏝️ poster art It looks awesome and the concept art as well looks really fascinating and Interesting too.

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    The series was super interesting, and the poster looks super cool! Hope Mecha will make more appearances soon!

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