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  • Reprint of IDW Sonic #1 Releasing to Celebrate 5-Year Anniversary

    With FIVE variant covers to collect!

    IDW Comics is celebrating five years of non-stop Sonic action by re-releasing its landmark debut issue from 2018 in a special collector's package.

    The "5th Anniversary Edition" reprint of IDW Sonic #1 will, as you'd expect, come complete with all the original stories that published with the original comic's release, along with a bonus short story and some additional commemorative material. Some of this will include a special look at how the IDW Sonic comics are made.

    We're used to IDW going a little bit variant-cover happy with its releases these days, but on this occasion there will be no less than five covers to collect! Cover A will be a collection of all the first four issues' connecting covers, with the other Covers handled by well-known artists that have had a hand in the Sonic comic series over the years.


    IDW Sonic #1 5th Anniversary Edition: Cover A by Tyson Hesse


    Cover B by Tracy Yardley


    Cover C by Matt Herms


    Cover D by Jennifer Hernandez


    Cover RI by Jon Gray and Reggie Graham

    The 5th Anniversary Edition should be in stores right now for you to buy (release date 5 April), at a price of $7.99. Solicitation information below.


    It has been five years since Sonic the Hedgehog #1, can you believe it?! Five years of friendship, speediness, and chili dogs!

    To celebrate, we're getting the team back together! Join Ian Flynn and Tracy Yardley for a reprint of #1, plus an all-new bonus short story, a look at how the comics get made, and more!

    The Sonic Stadium may link to retailers and earn a small commission on purchases made from users who click those links. These links will only appear in articles related to the product, in an unobtrusive manner, and do not influence our editorial decisions in any way. All proceeds will go to supporting our community and continued coverage of Sonic the Hedgehog. Thank you in advance for your kind support!

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    The agonizingly horrible wait is over, your prayers has been answered. The 5th Anniversary Special is here!

    ....Anybody care? Hello? Anybody?

    Who am I kidding, no one does and shouldn't. Issue #1 cost 4$ dollars (now 2$). This "special" costs 8$ and has 1 reprint issue and 1 new "story". In comparison Tails' 30th Anniversary Special cost 6$ bucks and Sonic's 30th was 9$ but for highest quality content.

    So assuming I don't care for covers collection or reprint, what do I get? A 4 page story, Sonic meets hammer bloke from first issue, he geeks out, they go fight badniks. Meh.

    I get that Flynn had few pages story was a challenge, but I would just make a cute or gag story. We know what fans can do in, let's say two pages. Also while I get that moral of the story is "Sonic is inspirational", but Buddy 2.0 (wait, does Barry from Murder of Sonic counts? Um, 3.0?) claiming "you believed in me" kinda gives me "Electro from movie Amazing Spider-Man 2 (movie)" vibe. He really read too much from Sonic just being nice to person he saved.

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    Honestly, even lazier than I initially thought. I was under the impression this was a cheaper reprint of the first arc, as in the four issues, plus the original story. Not great, but at least you’re getting the first arc of the series cheaper than what the first GN would cost.

    But like triple/quadruple the price for one issue, and a two page story? That’s downright highway robbery.

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    My copy was defective, lol. It just came in the mail today so I opened it up the comic to find the new story was not only not stapled in but it looked like some of the sides were cut off.

    I was thinking the new story would have been like a one off of one of the other Sonic characters or foreshadowing a later comic event but... just revisiting a background character... 

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    Seeing the 2 Shellcrackers hiding behind the gate and sucker punching Sonic set off my Metropolis Zone flashbacks


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    I was a bit disappointed In the 5th Anniversary Edition especially that new bonus content at the end It could of been a lot better thought. Then again this Is just a reprint but I do have the first four original physical comic covers.


    I am a IDW Sonic comics fan myself and collect the covers each month. But the covers make up for It of the 5th Anniversary Edition. My comic online retailer do the IDW Sonic comics a bit cheaper.



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    The last cover variant of the IDW Sonic 5th Anniversary Edition cover came today the Jonathan Gray variant cover 1:50 RI 50. Now have the full set which Is the last cover I needed they looked amazing those covers. spacer.png

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