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  • IDW Reveals Yet Another Sonic One-Shot, Sonic Winter Jam

    IDW Does a Sonic Holiday Special

    It is clearly the season of one-shots over at IDW, with yet another one-shot confirmed for this year: Sonic Winter Jam. This comic is set to effectively be a winter holiday special, much like the Halloween special set to release this October.

    The comic will be written by Iasmin Omar Ata, with art by Min Ho Kim. The comic has a tentative release date of December 2023, though given that this is IDW, a delay is very possible.

    The solicit is as follows:


    Sonic and pals are getting into the spirit of the holidays with fun, food, and plenty of snow! But when Dr. Eggman’s robots start making trouble, the gang find themselves in a real Winter Jam!

    You can check out the cover by Min Ho Kim below:



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    So 5 specials this year. Nice.

    (Sorry for being greedy, but just give us Sonic Universe, at this rate, it's gonna be simpler).


    Also, (as far as we can tell) Summer will be about OCs, Fall with Chaotix and Winter implies Team Dark and Rose with 900 using Blaze and Knuckles. Pretty good balancing act.

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    These one shot specials gets better and better each time I just love the IDW Sonic comics series and collecting the variant covers as well.

    I'm looking forward to this Winter Special Edition It sounds fun to read 

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    1 hour ago, King of Fanta said:

    That's some great art!

    I agree with you as well It's such a lovely art cover In a winter wonderland themed.

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    IDW will have me broke with all these specials. oh well, its a sacrifice im willing to make for some sick new comics. especially with that awesome cover, cant wait to see the B and retail incentive versions.

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    Given the recent IDW Financial situation and the fact that the Sonic series is doing well; I feel there will be many more 1 shots in the future.

    As long as they all collected in the "collection" volumes, i'm all for it. 


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    Not sure when this dropped but a new cover has been released! I think this is a 1/25 variant? Not sure still new to the comic scene


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