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  • Comic Preview: Sonic the Hedgehog #114

    Solicitations for the next Archie Sonic comic has arrived, and it looks like we'll be taking a trip back to the present (after #113's SatAM-inspired story) with Mammoth Mogul taking centre stage once again. This guy is so intense, he takes up two stories in this issue. Check out all the details, as well as a cover preview, after the jump.

    Sonic the Hedgehog #114

    Written by Benny Lee, Ken Penders and Karl Bollers, art by Ron Lim, Andrew Pepoy, Dawn Best, J. Axer and Conor Tomas, cover by Spaz and Ribeiro.

    “Twice Told Tails”
    Mammoth Mogul is back and he's badder than ever in two tales. In round one, Mammoth tackles Sonic, who is desperate for the answer behind Tails' mysterious affliction. The only problem is, Mammoth won't tell.

    "Ultimate Power, Part 1"
    Knuckles has been trying to reintegrate the Dimitri and the Dark Legion to the rest of echidna society, but that's not easy when Mammoth Mogul pays a visit. Why does current politics in Echidnaopolis interest Mogul?

    "School Dazed or Young at Heart"
    Now that things are back to normal at Knothole, everyone has to go to school, including Amy Rose. See how the young heroine deals with the pressures of teachers - and a smart aleck named Tails sitting right next to her.


    32 pages, $1.99, ships on Aug. 21.

    Via ComicsContinuum

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