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Leaked Gameplay Footage of Sonic 4!


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- Special Stages are in and seem to based on Sonic 1's

- Levels confirmed include Splash Hill Zone, Lost Labyrinth Zone, Casino Street Zone, Mad Gear Zone

- Classic "SEEEGGGAAAAA" at start up

-"Score Attack mode" confirmed

-Item boxes based on Sonic 1's

-Buzzbomber confirmed

-New version of "Newtron" badnik. Now more gecko like.

-Each zone is split into 3 Acts and showdown with Dr. Robotnik

-Splash Hill Zone's Acts consist of "The Adventure Begins", "High Speed Athletics", "Sunset Dash" and "Showdown with Dr. Eggman"

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Well, can't really be surprised that there was a leak.

Hey wait...

Look at Mad Gear Zone, at the walls...


Oh look, Asteron.

Wait, if that's a level select, there may in fact be only four Zones in Episode 1.

...But there's still seven emeralds to collect.

And look at those physics! High jumps, being stuck on hills, and when he lands from a jump at about :54, he's going rather fast for just jumping forward.

But then again, the video does have "Alpha" in the title.

And it seems this will be a rehash, not that bothers me.


*waits for explosion of discussion*

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OMG it's beautiful! And it moves so smoothly. Kinda cocked an eyebrow near the end where Sonic stays in his walking animation on an incline but that's maybe due to it being an early build. Or maybe a reference to the fact that physics in earlier Sonic games would have Sonic doing his run/walk animation when stopped on inclines.

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I find it quite astonishing that I was completely unexcited by two professionally made teaser trailers, but an illegally recorded TV capture has me almost completely sold...

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It looks GRATE! Beautiful backgrounds, speed, platforming, awesome music AND....wheel-legs while running fast!

Now lock that Sonic Rush 3 thread please! =D



At first I thought it was just different lighting but those spikes definitely look shorter in pic 4.

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If they make the physics a little less crazy and fix some of the glitches I noticed such as Sonic having a hard time making it up the loop, this should be solid. Honestly, 5+ months is more than enough time to do so, as it looks like they have the basics of this episode done judging from the video. The classic Sonic homages are great (Sonic running across the screen spelling SEGAAAAAAA made me smile :)), the level design looks reminesent of the classics, and I'm liking the return of 3 acts. If this has more than 2 or 3 episodes I will be more than happy with the length of it, 8+ zones with over 3 acts each plus a boss act is more than enough levels for me.

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..... Okay, THAT'S about enough footage to start assuming more about the game.

Branching paths!

Sideways Springs!

Physics look like they're coming along great for an alpha build!


More classic objects and enemies!

And some totally awesome music!

Looks VERY promising, especially if it's still in alpha stage.

The Act 2 screen looks like the wall scroll in the Sonic suite. Perhaps that screen was Act 2?

Game looks pretty fast and.....

Did I just see..... around 1:05... FIGURE 8 RUNNING ANIMATION!!!!

Though why is leaked footage of anything always played horribly? It can't be THAT hard.

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The only criticisms I have is that it looks too fast, thought it's hard to tell how it feels to play but just look at the rate he gains momentum whilst jumping after a run.. Also those don't look like Pinball physics to me, case in point...the ending. And that title screen animation had best be a mockup.

Other than that, looks awesome! The running animation looks lovely now.

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The large stage select screen hints at a sunset act for Splash Hill Zone. :)

This makes me happy, I like time continuity in levels and small changes to the environment, something I liked in Sonic 3 that I'm happy to see return. I hope this goes for all levels too.

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I thought that was a photoshopped image from Retro/here...?

Yeah, i just realized that it was added like a week ago. I clicked on a link on the Video description on 1up, wich told about "A lot" of leaked images from the game, and this one was included. So sorry :P


Anyhow, Sonic 4 EP1 will contain 4 zones, 3 act's in each and a "Showdown with DR. Eggman" in each zone from what i saw on the level select screen.

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Some other things I've noted--

The monitors seem to have Havok physics applied to them; Sonic accidentally jumps into it, and it rocks quite a bit but doesn't seem to break or fall through like I'd expect. Also, animals come out of badniks again, one of which being the blue Flicky from an unfortunate Motobug. Sonic's "I've been hit!" animation also comes back.

Not entirely sure what to make of his actual movement, though. He's fast and accelerates quickly, but he seems to have a heavy weight to him as well. It certainly looks like the control you had over your jumping abilities has been fully returned, but the "stuck on a hill" issue at the end makes me curious about what the physics are really like at the moment. Nonetheless, I'm still excited. <3

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Splash Hill Zone

Act 1 - The Adventure Begins

Act 2 - High Speed Athletics(?)

Act 3 - Sunset Dash

Boss - Showdown with Dr. Eggman


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Holy... this looks cool, although it seems a bit dull, I hope the final make will have more excitement to it at least! Or maybe it just came across dull because of the recording quality...


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Issues I've got with the alpha build -

Sonic gets a lot of airtime on a regular jump, maybe too much. It's kind of floaty. Probably depends on how long you hold it, like in Adventure.

Sonic's acceleration is way high. This isn't really such an issue, but it spoils any classic dynamic you might get from the level. Hope they drop it a bit.

Sonic seems to stick to surfaces. He does it in the first loop and standing on the curved hill at the end of the level. This is another physics issue.

Minor complaints. The boosters are real, but I guess I'll have to live with that. Those dust clouds are awful. Make them transparent, maybe.

The good things I see in this -

I like the return of the power-up monitors. They're totally classic and I didn't expect that. Classic Sonic is also the loading screen here.

Level concept seems pretty sound, with the passages through walls, bridges with Badnik fish, and everything.

Spitting chameleon Badnik. He's definitely inspired by the ones in Green Hill. I think there's also a jump cancel we see when the guy has trouble on the spring.

The acts seem to have a second name, maybe accessible individually -

Act 1 - The Adventure Begins, Act 2 - High Speed Athletics, Act 3 - Sunset Dash, Boss - Showdown with Dr. Eggman.

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The physics don't look quite right to me, and I'm a bit disappointed in how much feels like it was taken from earlier games (we've got a Green Hill knockoff, a Casino Night knockoff, and a Metropolis knockoff...not sure what direction Lost Labyrinth is going).

Still, it doesn't look too bad. Kind of wish we had a halfway-competent player at the helm, tho'.

Also: awaiting the inevitable shitstorm.

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Wow...this is mostly amazing, but slightly disappointing, imo.

First off, visually, it looks stunning. The intro seems...kinda lame (in the old ones, Sonic literally jumped out of the ring, made faces, and wagged his finger at the player... in this one, the logo just pops up and his hand moves back and forth like it would in a simple flash animation), but everything else looks really good. The levels look almost like new takes on zones from Sonic 1 and 2, though this is only Episode 1, so there's probably more to come (and once again, the screens of them look beautiful).

The gameplay looks...alright, but kinda shaky. The animations look fine, and it ran nicely, but.... the physics need help. But hey, at least it looks to shut up the "Sonic Rush 3" crowd, as this is the defining gameplay I was waiting for.

Also, is it just me, or did Sonic use the bounce attack at around midway through the vid?

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