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Shadow Gets Amnesia Again in This Week's Fast Friends Forever Comic


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This week's Fast Friends Forever comic has Shadow getting amnesia again, and Tails coming prepared this time. Apparently this happpens a lot. The comic was written and drawn by Aoi Yuki, whom Sonic fans may know as the Japanese voice of Sticks the Badger. Yuki is an accomplished voice actress in Japan, having played roles in anime like The Saga of Tanya the Evil, My Hero Academia, and Cyberpunk Edgerunners. 

Check out her comic and bio below. You can find the original tweet here.



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Whoa, it’s… interesting. Really cute! (Aah, Ultimate Guide To The Ultimate Lifeform, lemme read it!!!)

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While Sonic and Tails are passing this off as Gerald's design documents, this is obviously not the case and just seems to be Tails attempt at it. (considering how child like the descriptions are) As it doesn't match Gerald's actual writing style (as seen in Sonic Battle) and Shadow got his name from Maria who named him that because and I quote "Darkness is darkness no matter where it goes but a shadow shows the way to the light." (Shadow's Sonic Channel comic which is canon according to Ian and was written by a Sonic Team member) Which is heartwarming in its own way, even if thats going to mess Shadow up something fierce due to a lot the misinformation in the guide. (Shadow wasn't aloof for one thing in the Ark days, hes like that now because of his tramua) Regardless, its also nice to see the amount of trust Shadow shows here for Sonic and Tails.

Forgive my continuity and lore obsessed brain, I know its a joke. 😵‍💫

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Also I think I could find in that book when's Shadow's birthday, it's really important for me but it's still a mystery. Guess when SA2 came out, but not for sure. So gimme the book!!?

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Aoi Yuki making a Shadow comic feels like the most typical thing ever lol

You guys don't understand, Yuki is a BIG Sonic fan, and an EVEN BIGGER Shadow fan. One of her personal accounts is that she'd invite friends to her place to play SA2, something she still does today.

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