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Surprise Sonic the Hedgehog References Feature in 'Scott Pilgrim Takes Off'


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Fans of both Bryan Lee O'Malley's iconic Scott Pilgrim graphic novel and Sonic the Hedgehog were handed a random treat this week, as the release of new Netflix animation 'Scott Pilgrim Takes Off' features an incredibly blunt reference to SEGA's mascot in the opening episode.

Warning: Potential spoilers for the first episode of 'Scott Pilgrim Takes Off' follows.

The Netflix animated series is sort of a re-adaptation of the original graphic novels, taking cues from and featuring practically the entire cast of the 2010 live-action movie adaptation 'Scott Pilgrim vs The World' (the movie's director, Edgar Wright, is involved in this new production as executive producer).

Despite the similarities to its live-action older cousin, this new show makes some creative differences - particularly in one early scene where titular protagonist Scott Pilgrim encounters the 'girl from his dreams', Ramona Flowers, at a house party.

Scott sidles up to Ramona and, in an awkward attempt at breaking the ice, throws up a random anecdote that just happens to involve Jaleel White's contributions to the two 1990s Sonic the Hedgehog cartoons ('Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog' and 'Sonic the Hedgehog').

Via Cybrid101

"You know Sonic the Hedgehog?" Scott begins. "You probably know this, but in the early 90s, there were two different Sonic cartoons airing at the same time. One was dark and dramatic. The other was a hilarious comedy about chili dogs. And the same guy played Sonic in both shows. Isn't that wild? The same guy playing two different versions of the same guy?"

Once he realises his interesting factoid doesn't land, Scott shies away and meekly squeaked, "Maybe you didn't watch cartoons, or you're not into chili dogs."

This cute exchange wasn't just fun for us Sonic fans to experience though; the anecdote is also completely different from the 'Pac-Man / Puck-Man' line that Scott hands Ramona during the same scene in the live-action movie.


The point of reference in the live-action movie focused on Pac-Man.

Of course, Scott Pilgrim is no stranger to Sonic the Hedgehog references in general. The original graphic novel included a few novel nods towards the game series, while the live-action movie is peppered with Sonic sound effects throughout. This is just another cool hat tip that not only shows Bryan Lee O'Malley's mutual love for the SEGA series, but also holds a mirror up to many of our own dating attempts as well.

Scott Pilgrim Takes Off is currently available to stream on Netflix.

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Not major news, but it’s a fun uncommon reference you wouldn’t expect that’s used to funnily talk about the circumstances of the new show. Netflix’s new Scott Pilgrim animated series dropped the first batch of episodes today, which if you weren’t aware, features the same cast and creators as the 2010 live action movie.

Of course, they couldn’t help to poke fun at this with a very similar situation. So in a minor dialogue change in Episode 1, Scott tried to impress the girl of his dreams, Ramona by telling her about Sonic SatAM and Adventures of Sonic airing at the exact same time (with Sonic mentioned by name), with one being “dark and dramatic”, and the other being a “hilarious comedy about Chilli-Dogs”, before going on to talk about how it’s wild that the same guy could play two different versions of the same character (Much like the Scott Pilgrim cast here).

It’s definitely not big news or anything, but given how old both SatAM and AoStH is now, and how you wouldn’t expect out of the blue references to them nowadays unless it’s already a big thing relating to Sonic (IE, the AoStH references in the OK KO crossover), I just thought it was fun how the shoe poked fun at itself by comparing itself to the 90s Sonic shows of all things.

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Haha. If someone asked me that I'd just say.."yea I Know Sonic the Hedgehog". I would totally ask a question like that nothing weird...

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What's funny is this is the third time the reference changed. In the original books, Scott just makes a comment on Ramona's shoes, before awkwardly shuffling away, declaring that he wouldn't bother her again.

Ironically enough, the multiple Sonic references are possibly a bigger story role than initially thought as well (spoilers for the entire show):


Some people have theorised that due to minor changes throughout such as Scott's bad pickup lines changing that this is a alternative continuity to the original books, which is a big deal considering there's future variants of Scott in the series that cast the books in a very bad light. The Sonic references could be what allows the series to make it's point without stamping on the original books' ending.


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