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SEGA Offers Sonic Superstars Roblox Backpacks for Gift Card Purchases


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In what is perhaps one of the strangest Sonic partnerships we've seen this year, SEGA has announced that it is teaming up with both Roblox and Amazon to offer limited edition digital goods for the build-a-game platform in exchange for various gift card purchases made via the online retailer.


Crucially, your free virtual gift will entirely depend on the level of spend you're prepared to make in the name of Roblox. If you sacrifice between $10-$20 (or £10-£20) you'll unlock an Amy Backpack, whereas if you dedicate between $125-$200 (or £125-£200) to the church of 'blox, you will net yourself a Sonic Backpack.

These virtual items can be used across the entire Roblox platform as an avatar accessory, and if used in the Sonic Speed Simulator game, you also have an increased stamina bar. So that's useful.

The promotion is available until 30 November 2023, and you can visit the specialised Amazon landing page [affiliated] for more details. If you want to get yourself some codes, you may use the links below in order to purchase directly.

Amazon US:


Amazon UK:


Full press release from SEGA can be found below.


Today, SEGA is announcing a new promotion with Roblox and Amazon, where for a limited time, players can receive free Sonic Superstars virtual items for use on Roblox with the purchase of any Roblox Digital Gift Card on Amazon.com.

Roblox users can secure a Sonic Superstars Backpack Buddy – an exclusive avatar accessory that can be worn across the entire Roblox platform– which increases your stamina bar when you venture into the Sonic Speed Simulator experience on Roblox.

The unique virtual item users can receive depends on the value of the Roblox Digital Gift Card redeemed. Please see below for Digital Roblox gift card tiers and the accompanying Roblox virtual item:

  • Digital Roblox gift cards between $10 - $20 – will grant the Amy Backpack Buddy
  • Digital Roblox gift cards between $25 - $40 – will grant Knuckles Backpack Buddy
  • Digital Roblox gift cards between $50 - $100 – will grant Tails Backpack Buddy
  • Digital Roblox gift cards between $125 - $200 – will grant Sonic Backpack Buddy
  • Roblox Gift Cards can be redeemed at roblox.com/redeem

The promotion is available in the United States, Japan, France, Italy, Germany, the United Kingdom, and Spain starting November 1, 2023 until November 30, 2023. Visit Amazon.com/SonicRoblox to learn more. Users will receive a code that they will redeem for the virtual item at roblox.com/redeem.  Codes have no cash value, and may not be re-sold. Users must have a Roblox account to download and use the code. 

Note: The links included in this article lead to affiliated external retailers. By clicking and continuing through these links, the Sonic Stadium may earn a commission from your purchase, which will go towards supporting this website and our coverage. Thank you for supporting us!

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Before this is mentioned in the comments, just assume that, yes, we have seen the People Make Games documentary. But if someone's gonna link it, it might as well be now.

Also, we have previously reported on the employee treatment issues at Sonic Speed Simulator developer GameFam:

And finally... $125, WTF? I know Christmas is around the corner, but still.

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