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The Children Are Here To Break All Your Rules, Adults, in Latest Sonic Superstars Ad

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Sonic never really had the attitude that the 90s commercials played up, but it hasn't stopped SEGA from releasing a new kid-aimed commercial with legit 90s troublemaker vibes. You can check out the "No Running" commercial below, best paired with a bowl of sugary cereal and the latest episode of X-Men.

These kind of commercials are a dime a dozen for kid's TV, but for us old folks, the closest point of comparison is that classic Sonic 1 ad, where our snarky hero gets told off by another uppity adult who doesn't like his speed. The year may change, but kids of any era are always into breaking the rules and getting into trouble.

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Haha love it! Those kids are just like me! They're speeding through their neighborhood like I do!:gofast:

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That was fun! Although if a kid told me "no running" as I was sitting down to play some Sonic, I'd be like "hahaha get out of my house"

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I love watching those Sonic Superstars 90's style ads I get vibes feelings just like the old days In the 90's gaming era when I played the very first Sonic game on the Sega Mega Drive.

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Those grown-ups sort of have a point here, Superstars with 4 players does have a Nack for causing problems when they're all trying to run. Ugh, the agony of changing kid-adult viewpoints with age!

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