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Sonic 2 Branded Xbox Series S is Being Flipped on eBay - For $5,000


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It seems that not everyone who received one of those Sonic 2 branded Xboxes last year is very appreciative of it, as one of the extremely exclusive consoles has been put up for sale on eBay this week - fuzzy controllers and all!


The limited edition Xbox Series S console - produced as part of a partnership between Xbox and Paramount to coincide with the release of Sonic 2 last year - was given away to one lucky winner in a sweepstakes, but this particular listing is for a console owned by a member of the games industry. The description of the eBay page suggests it is a member of the press.

The starting bid is an eye-watering $5,000 USD, which is a bit rich for a console received by someone who obviously never wanted it in the first place. But as with most things, this is about supply and demand; clearly the seller sees an opportunity to maximise a return on their freebie.


"I am selling a custom Xbox Series S with Sonic the Hedgehog 2 branding on it. These consoles were given away as part of a sweepstakes, but I received mine through my work in the gaming industry," reads the listing.

"The console itself hasn't been used, other than powering it on to ensure it works, and signing into Xbox Live once in order to confirm the Wi-Fi works. The controllers have never been used. All the original packaging is included."

The seller estimates around 5 - 50 of these consoles were manufactured, although the exact number is unknown. It's also mentioned that this limited edition console has appeared on eBay before, so if you're a Sonic merch collector you may want to hold out to see if any other listings will pop up with less crazy prices.

One thing we do know. Is if Xbox thought of sending us one of these consoles at TSS Towers, we'd definitely treat it with a bit more reverence than this. Maybe not the controllers though, they look uncomfortable as heck. Sort us out with a Sonic 3 console next time, Xbox, eh?

If you're interested in bidding for this, you can go to the eBay listing here.

Via FrackDeals

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Big deal. I already have a series X that came with Forza Horizon 5 pre-installed!

No sale.

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They're odd but I love the idea of the fuzzy controllers. I imagine it would be good for gaming during the cold season. Maybe not so nice once the sweat starts building after an intense session. 

But I'd personally have them as a show piece. 

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That's quite a lot of money £4,113 roughly. I like the Sonic Movie 2 design and the controllers themselves looks nice as well. I can understand the high price due to how limited In numbers they are 5 - 50 from manufactured. 

I already have a Xbox Series X myself but I wish they did a similar treatment to the Series X version of the console.

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As of 2nd Nov, someone has actually bid on it! .  :koco:To quote George Takei - "Oh, my" 

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It sold! 1 bid, $5,000 / £4069!!!

Wow / dumbfounded

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