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Shadow LEGO Set Listing Escapes Onto the Internet

Merry Gems

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Just days after LEGO officially teased Knuckles, Rouge and Shadow LEGO sets, we've got our first look at one, thanks to the German LEGO retailer JB Spielwaren. Shadow's LEGO set, called "Shadow's Escape," features Shadow, his iconic motorcycle from his 2005 video game, some sort of Eggman-branded pod (presumably, what he's escaping from), and a LEGO rhinobot badnik from Sonic 3.

The set has a total of 196 pieces, is for ages 8+, and has a recommended retail price of €20.99, or a little more than $22, so it's set to be one of the smaller, cheaper LEGO sets.

Check out the gallery below for images of the set:

This LEGO set is expected to release alongside the other two sometime early next year.

Sonic News Tips Credit:
Spooky Gems
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Here’s to hoping he can find that damn fourth Chaos Emerald.

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They really gave this supersonic "Ultimate Lifeform" a motorcycle.


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That looks awesome that Shadow now gets his own Lego set just like the other Lego Sonic characters.

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Wow. Thought it would be SA2 or 06 Shadow uses for the sets, not ShTH itself. Thats great!

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That bike is fairly iconic, I give them a pass for using it.

Rhinobot doesn't have much to do with Shadow, but which Badnik does? Eggpawn? I'm good.

With that said, that pod/ stop is kinda dumb. Why cage have a gate to the side? Overall I'm a bit sad Shadow gets a much smaller set than Amy or Tails, but I won't loose sleep over it.

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Oh my, Shadow's finally here, it's really cool! And yes, the bike's pretty unexpected, and I'm surprised that Eggman got Shadow in the capsule (or whatever it is) again, but it's really cool anyway and I'm gonna get it as fast as possible! (And love that ShTH logo plate:) :char_shadow:

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Haven't bought a LEGO set in ages but I might go for this one.


Honestly though I'm only really interested in Shadow and his bike. Not sure what I'd do with the rest. 🤔

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I've been quite harsh on the Sonic Lego sets but I have to say, goving Shadow his bike is a deal breaker for me. You win this round Lego!


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