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Sonic Superstars: Achievement/Trophy List Revealed!


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With just a few hours left to go until Sonic Superstars' launch, the trophy/achievements list has gone live on PlayStation on Xbox! Unfortunately, much like the Origins trophy list, the icons aren't much of anything to write home about, just being copy/pasted over and over, rather than having unique ones. Be aware that there's mild spoilers here such as zone names and order!

Source: https://psnprofiles.com/trophies/24155-sonic-superstars

  • Emerald Expert (Platinum Trophy) - Unlocked All Trophies
  • BRIDGE ISLAND Completed (Bronze) - Cleared all of BRIDGE ISLAND
  • SPEED JUNGLE Completed (Bronze) - Cleared all of SPEED JUNGLE
  • SKY TEMPLE Completed (Bronze) - Cleared all of SKY TEMPLE
  • PINBALL CARNIVAL Completed (Bronze) - Cleared all of PINBALL CARNIVAL
  • LAGOON CITY Completed (Bronze) - Cleared all of LAGOON CITY
  • SAND SANCTUARY Completed (Bronze) - Cleared all of SAND SANCTUARY
  • PRESS FACTORY Completed (Bronze) - Cleared all of PRESS FACTORY
  • GOLDEN CAPITAL Completed (Bronze) - Cleared all of GOLDEN CAPITAL
  • CYBER STATION Completed (Bronze) - Cleared all of CYBER STATION
  • FROZEN BASE Completed (Bronze) - Cleared all of FROZEN BASE
  • EGG FORTRESS Completed (Bronze) - Cleared all of EGG FORTRESS
  • Trip's Courage (Silver) - Cleared Trip's story
  • Victory Fanfare (Gold) - Defeated the True Final Boss
  • Whirligig World (Bronze) - Cleared 1 Bonus Stage
  • Fruity Frontier (Bronze) - Cleared an 'ACT' Fruit
  • Buddy Bond (Bronze) - Cleared a Stage with a friend
  • Charge! (Silver) - Used the Blue Emerald power "Avatar"
  • Fire! (Silver) - Used the Red Emerald power "Bullet"
  • All-seeing (Silver) - Used the Purple Emerald power "Vision"
  • Flow Like Water (Silver) - Used the Light Blue Emerald power "Water"
  • Vine Climb (Silver) - Used the Green Emerald power "Ivy"
  • The Gentle Flow of Time (Silver) - Used the Yellow Emerald power "Slow"
  • Distinctive Flair (Silver) - Used the White Emerald power "Extra"
  • Supercharged (Silver) - Turned super using the 7 Chaos Emeralds
  • Ring King (Silver) - Collect 10,000 Rings
  • Two Birds, One Stone (Silver) - Used the goal plate to reveal the hidden Item Box
  • Fruitful Endeavour (Bronze) - Turned Lagoon City's Goal Plate into a pile of fruit
  • Heroic Blue Blur (Bronze) - Used Sonic's Drop Dash to defeat 100 enemies
  • Aerial Takedown Artist (Bronze) - Used Tails' aerial attack to defeat 100 enemies 
  • Crimson Guardian (Bronze) - Used Knuckles' glide to defeat 100 enemies
  • Tenderhearted Hammer-welder (Bronze) - Used Amy's hammer to defeat 100 enemies
  • Prickly Protector (Bronze) - Use Trip's double jump to defeat 100 enemies
  • Zap Scrap Star (Silver) - Cleared Zap Scrap in Frozen Base without taking damage
  • Medal Maestro (Silver) - Collected 100 medals from Bonus Stages
  • ACT "Fruit" Aficionado  (Silver) - Collected 600 rings or more from ACT "Fruit"
  • Ring Collector (Silver) - Collected 200 rings or more when clearing a stage
  • All in a Day's Work (Gold) - Defeated 1,000 enemies
  • Gold Enemy Hunter (Gold) - Defeated the gold enemies in all Stages
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All seem pretty self explanatory expect for Fruitful Endeavor. How is that  done?

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On 10/18/2023 at 12:39 AM, mayday2592 said:

All seem pretty self explanatory expect for Fruitful Endeavor. How is that  done?

During Amy’s character exclusive act in Lagoon Valley, collect about 100 fruit without dying and hit the goal.

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Remind me - does the Switch version has achievements? As in... the achievements are inside the game, like Sonic Colors Ultimate did? If not, thats okay but i'd be a bit dissapointed

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