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Get Ready For Battle With New Sonic Superstars Music Mix


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Looking for something to listen to ahead of Sonic Superstars' launch on Tuesday? Well, how about a new song from the game's soundtrack, created by a bunch of legendary SEGA composers? Yeah, we thought so!

The Battle Mode Mix, shared above by SEGA, is a collection of music works that can be found within the new Battle Mode of Sonic's latest 2D adventure. From Jun Senoue's pumping robot customisation menu theme, to a surprising remix of Sonic Drift music by Yasuyuki Nagata... there's even a track by the legendary Takenobu Mitsuyoshi, best known for his vocal work on Daytona USA (and Sonic Mania!).

Give it a listen, imagine you're building a deadly robot that will zap all others to smithereens, and get ready for Sonic Superstars' launch on October 17. You can read our (non-spoiler) review on this very website by clicking here.

Sonic News Tips Credit:
Spooky Gems
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Pretty cool, if I say so, myself.

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Nice! I can already imagine them in those 'Upbeat Sonic Tunes to Vibe To' types of videos on Youtube.

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I love the battle mode, but the parts are pretty expensive. good thing medals are easy to get

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