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Mummy Knuckles Appears in Sonic Forces: Speed Battle!


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While no formal reveal has come about of his announcement thus far, Warlock Infinite was not the only new character added in today's Speed Battle update. If you go into your character menus within the game and scroll down to the Halloween characters within the locked menu, you'll find a brand new mummified variant of Knuckles to go with the Halloween theming this year!

From the leak, we not only know his abilities, but we now know he's a special tier character, meaning only 300 cards will be required to unlock him!

For those of you following along, Knuckles Mummy was present on the leak present in SEGA Hardlight video that revealed characters such as Panda Amy, the LEGO collab characters, and Sir Gallahad incoming on the game, and it looks now more than ever that this leak is unabashedly true, which is excellent news for the IDW fans out there, considering who else was found within that leak.

Either way, Mummy Knuckles joins the Halloween variants of characters such as Werehog Sonic, Dracula Shadow, Witch Rouge, and Grim Reaper Metal Sonic, who'll hopefully also see a rerun to coincide with Halloween. 

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