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Infinite is back in a new special event in Sonic Forces' mobile multiplayer game, to cause even more chaos with the Phantom Ruby. But hold on - this isn't your regular old, "let's get kicked in the head by Shadow" Infinite. No, this time you've got to contend with a whole new variant called Warlock Infinite!


This cheeky chappy was announced formally last week by Sonic Forces Mobile studio SEGA HARDlight, but today the Warlock Infinite event has begun in earnest, along with more details about how to unlock the character and his racing stats.

First off, you'll need 500 character cards to unlock this new playable character. That's pretty steep, but HARDlight has said that they're being quite generous with how players can obtain cards this time around, so hopefully it won't be a total pain to earn all of them. Warlock Infinite is a 'Challenger' class character too, meaning that you will at times find him as one of the competing racers on the course. Come first or second in those special stages, and you'll get a Challenger's chest that is guaranteed to contain character cards.

Here are his stats, for when you do unlock him - pulled from the Sonic Forces Mobile news feed.


Full details from the news feed can be found below - give it a read, and load up the game to have a chance of getting a version of Infinite that might not actually suck.

Nah, we're kidding, he doesn't suck, he's just misunderstood. And weak. Wait no, he is NOT weak. He is NOT WEAAAAAAKKKKK. Ahem.

Anyway, enjoy playing - the event ends on October 10.


Warlock Infinite has been reborn! Warp your opponent's reality and embrace the power of the Phantom Ruby! Complete Missions during the "Warlock Infinite" event and earn Challenger cards for him!

There will be FREE gifts of Challenger cards throughout the entire event, so make sure you check the store regularly.

Challenger cards earned from this event will be added to Tails' Vault. Unlock it to earn double cards during this event!

The event's bonus box contains 25 Warlock Infinite cards.

Unlock Tails' Vault, as early as possible, to take full advantage of the Vault Bonus Box!

Open a Bonus Box ever 24 hours during this event.

Be ready Warlock Infinite will also appear in-game to challenge you!

Placing 1st or 2nd in a race against a Challenger will reward a unique Challenger chest, which is guaranteed to contain Challenger Tokens!

Challengers only appear in races at Tier 3 or higher.

This event will run between: 03/10/23 - 10/10/23.

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SEGA Hardlight Studios are making such a great job in increasing fans' involvement and attachment to the franchise, especially for the younger ones, I guess.
I love the fact that many characters make their way to spin-off games.
Personally, I'd love to see more spin-off games on consoles/PC, just like the old, extremely good Sonic Riders and Sonic Rivals games.

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Wow he looks very cool! (I'm gonna make his costume on Halloween) (or Werehog) (ok I'll make dark chao costume) (or Rouge) (well I still choose)

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