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SEGA has revealed via their Sonic twitter account that they will be releasing a Sonic Superstars prologue web comic. This comic, called "Fang's Big Break," will star Fang and cover how the mischief on the North Star Islands got started. The comic will be written by Ian Flynn, with art by Evan Stanley and colors by Min Ho Kim.

According to Stanley, the comic will be released in three weekly four page drops, for a total of 12 pages. The first pages will release sometime early next week. These weekly releases will essentially replace the Fast Friends Forever comics for a few weeks, which are now set to return on October 23, according to SEGA's announcement tweet.

You can check out the comic's defacto cover below. No, there is currently no word of any sort of physical release. 


UPDATE: Sep/25: SEGA has released the first part of the comic, check it out below.

2023-fang1-1.jpeg 2023-fang1-2.jpeg 2023-fang1-3.jpeg 2023-fang1-4.jpeg

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Evan Stanley: There it is!

The first of 3 weekly 4 page drops will be coming early next week.


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I love it already! Fang-tastic artwork, and a pretty funny way of getting around the name changes. I'm enjoying the vibe of the humour as well, looking forward to seeing more.

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Already love it. The humor's on point, I'm so glad it actually has dialogue. The workaround with Fang's multiple names is so damn clever. Can't wait for the other pages!

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Some fast facts from people who worked on this:




Deegeemin: For this comic, I wanted to capture the clean and vibrant look of the game in the colors. As a neat nod, I even made sure to add the shapes and half-tones associated with this series into the shading. I tested it out with the winter special cover with this in mind!




Ian Flynn: One of the great things about the current initiative to clean-up the lore is the chance to acknowledge localizations that fell by the wayside or out of favor. "Nack the Weasel" remains legit...from a certain point of view.

As for "Jet" (not the hawk) that's a deeeeep cut.


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