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Exclusive Sonic Superstars Manga, T-Shirt, Masks and More Up For Grabs at TGS


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If you happen to be in Japan for the Tokyo Game Show this year, you're going to need a big swag sack - because SEGA is offering a whole heap of exclusive merchandise to attendees who play Sonic Superstars at their booth.


The headlining item here is an incredible Sonic Superstars-branded manga which offers a short hand-drawn story as an introduction to the events that take place in the upcoming Classic Sonic game. You can see a video that SEGA posted on social media below, check out the artwork!

Players can also get themselves one of four Sonic character masks (although you won't be able to choose which mask you can get - we assume it's first come, first serve). Freak out your friends and neighbours with these high quality-looking plastic faces!


Image: SEGA on X

The masks and book will be freely distributed to anyone playing Sonic Superstars on either the business days or public days of TGS, until they all run out. Fans can also get a special t-shirt, but there are other conditions tied to it; we believe you need to actually complete the demo in order to be able to get one of these.


Image: SEGA on X

There is also a set of stickers and a clear plastic file folder available, for attendees who play Sonic Superstars and agree to complete a post-demo questionnaire about what they thought about the game.

But the SEGA booth won't be the only place you'll be able to get most of these gifts - there are a couple of partner booths dotted around Tokyo Game Show which also have some of these items available.

You can get yourself the manga, a mask and a second exclusive clear file folder by getting a Samsung Family Game Pack (which we assume is a pay-for product), or you can hit the Samsung and Galleria booths to net the stickers and clear file folders, as illustrated below.


SEGA usually does a great job with exclusive merch at Tokyo Game Show, but this year the company seems to have outdone itself with the manga and t-shirt. Will you be in Japan and getting any of these? Are you super super jealous like we are right now? Let us know in the comments section below.

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Yeah I am insanely jealous of anyone in Tokyo right now for TGS. The swag there is too good this year. I'd love one of those white t-shirts and the manga book is just so retro (reminds me of the old Coro-Coro comics of the early 2000s).

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I am so excited for Superstars! Sorry Japan, I can't get the merch right now:ezicon-cry:. I wish they would sell the manga in the U.S. (yes. i am so jealous and i wish i could teleport to japan but i cant.) In conclusion, I wish I were in Tokyo. I NEED THE MANGA

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