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Celebrity YouTuber and Sonic Community Alumni 'Etika' Dead at 29


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It is with great sadness we report today that popular YouTube content creator Desmond Amofah, better known as 'Etika' and known to the Sonic community as a former Sonic Stadium staffer and Summer of Sonic contributor, has been found deceased.


The 29-year-old gaming star was reported missing six days ago, with the New York Police Department officially opening an investigation last Thursday. His belongings were later found on Manhattan Bridge on Monday, and within the last 24 hours a body was discovered floating in Manhattan's East River.

NYPD's Twitter account has confirmed that the body found was Amofah's.

Before he went missing, the online celebrity's recent behaviour had caused concern with his fanbase, who were worried for his state of wellbeing. Police were recently called to his house after a suicide threat was reported, and on June 19 the video creator had uploaded a video (which has since been removed) titled 'I'm Sorry' where he said he was suffering from mental illness.

'Etika' began his YouTube career back in 2012, and quickly gained a huge following after creating a series of viral content and gameplay videos, mostly focusing on Nintendo products. Before YouTube, he was known in the Sonic online community as 'Iceman', and was a staff contributor to this website before helping with the organisation of the UK's Summer of Sonic fan convention in 2010.


"We all love the blue bastard" - Etika aka 'Iceman', at Summer of Sonic 2010
Watch the interview clip here (from 8:34)

We're all incredibly heartbroken at this news at The Sonic Stadium. We were lucky enough to spend some time with Desmond while he was 'Iceman' (@Iceman Etika) - both on this site and at Summer of Sonic - and he was an incredibly gentle, friendly and energetic guy who had time for everybody he saw. No doubt he carried that with him throughout his YouTube career too.

Our thoughts go out to his family and friends. He will be sorely missed.

If you've been affected by a mental health issue, know that help and support is available. Various mental health charities and Suicide Prevention hotlines exist worldwide, we list a few below but a full list can be found using this link.

  • United Kingdom (Samaritans): 116 123
  • United States (National Suicide Prevention Hotline): 1-800-273-8255
  • Australia (Lifeline): 13 11 14
  • France (Suicide Ècoute): 01 45 39 40 00
  • Germany (Telefonseelsorge): http://www.telefonseelsorge.de/
  • Spain (Teléfono de la Esperanza): 717 003 717
  • Italy (Samaritans - ONLUS): 800 86 00 22

Story via BBC

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So sad to hear this. He was a genuinely lovely guy. I had no idea he was so popular on YouTube, I just thought he was a cool fan.

I hope he finds peace <3

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Posted By: DK Fan

And he looked so happy to see Banjo and Kazooie coming to Smash!! This is just shocking!!!

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Posted By: ElizabethBathog

I hope Desmond Amofah finds peace and happiness.

It is so sad when a person takes there life.

Sadly it is very common that the least expected person to do suicide is the one to do it. I myself had suicidal thoughts when I was younger but I never went true with it because of my family.

I partly can understand why a person would take his life. Life ain’t easy to live and sadly life is never fair. You are either lucky to be born in a good home with loving parents or born in a country where you are lucky to just survive the day.

Some people that are living good life feel so guilty about that they have it good that they just stop seeing the good in life. I meet one person like that on an online game one time. I have no idea if that person is alive today but I hope he/she is.

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I can’t believe this. Desmond was a lovely guy, really friendly and easy to talk to. He’s was game for a laugh and was an intelligent mind. Unbelievable.

Rest in peace Desmond/Iceman/Erika. You shall be sorely missed 😢

Thank you for putting up links to international Mental Health and Suicide Helplines too.

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Posted By: Greatsong

Truly sad news, I have seen some few reaction videos from Etika and they were always good and amusing. May he rest in peace.

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Very upset about this.

Me and my friend Max went Wong Kei with the fella and to karaoke. This was the day after SoS 2010.

I’d seen his recent YouTube stuff and really admired how he brought the 4chan-esque humour to life in video format. He was a pioneer and a unique talent.

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Posted By: Aaron

This sucks. I hadn’t seen him since Summer of Sonic but I did see his struggles posted a while back. I regret not reaching out to him.

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