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Listen to Sonic Frontiers' Final DLC Chapter Themes


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Sonic Frontiers' final expansion will come complete with a new collection of music tracks, and SEGA has released a preview to whet your appetite ahead of the Final Horizon update on September 28th. Check it out below!

The above video includes a set of new Chapter Themes that will be added to the game once the DLC is released. Alongside the music is some key artwork of Amy, Knuckles and Tails all being challenged by the final mysteries of the Starfall Islands, and we suspect that each character will get their own associated Chapter Theme.

Not long to wait now until the DLC - what do you think of the music? And are you hyped for the final story? Let us know in the comments below!

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Pretty nice, I must say. What do you all think?

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These sound great. Pretty experimental sounding and a nice, ambient sort of spin on the character themes of the Adventure era games. Very befitting of Frontiers.

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These are all very chill and and melancholic. I like them a lot, but only listened briefly to each one. I'd rather wait to hear them in-game. 

Stuff like this though... I'm really surprised by the extent of the post-launch support that Frontiers is getting. It's a single player, offline game with no additional purchases. Obviously Frontiers as it launched was not the game that Sonic Team had intended to release, but it wasn't bad or incomplete. The updates could have very easily been paid DLC. I can't fault SEGA and Sonic Team for their efforts here. 

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Waiting on the new boss theme we are gonna get out of this.


I want to see if it hang with "the other side".

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I’m already in love with Knuckles’ theme from what little I’ve heard - but all three of these snippets sound brilliant! Can’t wait to hear the full versions!:youdidit:

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I'm a big fan of melancholic music, so this is right up my street.

I'm a big fan of the texture of the music in Frontiers. Lots of different instruments and sounds. And there is a richness to the sound. The strings in particular are so so crispy.


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Unless these character themes are in the same ballpark as "Believe in Myself", Unknown From M.E.", and "My Sweet Passion", I'm not interested.

Probably some generic modern anime/Linkin Park-esque fluff we've been getting since Forces.

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