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Amazon.co.jp and Kroger's Offers "Comic Style" Skin for Sonic Superstars

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If you skim the Japanese Sonic Superstars website, you may notice that the game has accrued quite a few retailer-exclusive pre-order bonuses, from Vtuber charms to washi tape. Yet, Amazon.co.jp is offering a set of exclusive in-game "Comic Style" skins, giving the cast flatter shading and thick outlines.


Users on Reddit found that the skin pack is also available via Kroger's Points Rewards Plus, a cross-chain grocery rewards program:



Some are taking this to mean that this (and possibly other) DLC skin packs will eventually be available for standard purchase, though we have no confirmation at this time.

Sonic Superstars is leaning heavily on promotional character skins, even moreso than Sonic Colors Ultimate and Sonic Frontiers, with "Comic Style" joining the LEGO, rabbit mascot, and Mecha Sonic skins available in the Digital Deluxe edition.

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I'm not a fan of locking these cool bonuses behind weird retailer incentives... especially when they happen in only a small number of countries! Hopefully UK players will get to nab these for free.

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dear sega,

region-locked content is dumb, please stop


every Sonic fan

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not only it sucks that only Japan & US getting this skin pack but also the Steam version is locked out on getting it along with the modern outfit skin for classic Amy (though that skin might end up be able to be downloaded on steam like how the Soap shoes were later added on steam for everyone to download). But yea it sucks that if you want to get every promo skin, you have to be in the US or Japan & must own at least one home console.

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Yet another mod I'll be installing in the first week I guess...

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I do wonder how much upset sentiment comes from "I want THAT content" vs. "I WANT ALL CONTENT."

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Considering Kroger (or anything owned by Kroger) is not in my area anymore, this is gonna really be annoying to get...

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