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Animated Short for Sonic Frontiers' Final DLC Released [U]


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21 minutes ago, Cosmos Rogue said:

My fear here is that Sega advertising the DLC as having "3 new playable characters" is going to be a bit misleading. I would not be surprised if we get something like Knuckles is playable in the open zone, Tails handles the cyberspace levels, Amy deals with the minigames where you help the Kocos.

I've not followed the leaks/datamines in detail, however I don't think you're right. I won't spoil anything much, but there is some key information.


Animations exist for Amy, Tails and Knuckles in a variety of actions, including combat. Whilst they might be limited to just one island, all three characters are pretty equal. 


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With every little bit I get more excited for this last update.

At this point though I’m left with “do I just use my completed save? Or should I start a new file or New Game+ file to experience the whole thing again?” Kinda leaning NG+? So I can use the spindash through it?

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