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Sonic Superstars deluxe questions


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I'm torn between pre-ordering the digital deluxe and physical editions on ps5 and was just wondering if i can "upgrade" to digital deluxe if i buy and install the physical version? 

Also,so far I have also has no joy in finding any good bonuses for physical in the UK. GAME have the acrylic display, but thats about all I can find. Anyone found anything better??

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Based on prior releases, it's possible but unclear if they'll offer Digital Deluxe bonuses as future DLC.

For comparison...

Sonic Colors Ultimate - The cosmetics are purchasable separate, though I don't believe the additional music tracks are. Edit: Yes, they do appear to be.

Super Monkey Ball: Banana Mania - All DLC packs are available outside the Digital Deluxe or (for Golden Banana mode) purchasable with in-game currency.

Sonic Origins - At time of launch, all benefits of the DLC were available outside Digital Deluxe (though some unlock boosts required pre-order). Now, all benefits have been condensed into the "Plus" expansion.

Sonic Frontiers - The majority of pre-order and Digital Deluxe rewards are additional in-game consumable items given at the start of a new save. However, the digital art book/mini-soundtrack, and the brown boots and gloves for Sonic are still exclusive to the Digital Deluxe version, and are not available elsewhere.


ALL THAT SAID, Sonic Superstars has one thing that Sonic Frontiers doesn't: an ESRB descriptor claiming "In-Game Purchases." We can expect SOME form of paid DLC for the game.

So to be clear, there's no safe answer yet. If you opt to go with physical, you are taking some degree of gamble on them not releasing the DLC. It all comes down to how much you want a physical copy, how much you want the digital goodies, and how much you're willing to bet on them releasing the digital goodies to non-digital players.

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