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Johnny Bravo Creator Creates This Week’s Fast Friends Forever Comic


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This week’s Fast Friends Forever comes from Van Partible, best known as the creator of the Cartoon Network classic Johnny Bravo. The comic has Amy Rose and Rouge taking photos of the great outdoors (or, more specifically, of themselves being outside). In an interview with SEGA, Partible confirms that he played Sonic games back in the Genesis days, that Amy Rose is his favorite Sonic character due to her design, and that the blurring effects of early US Sonic cartoons inspired the movement in Johnny Bravo.

You can find the original tweet for the comic, as well as the interviews, here. Check out the comic below:


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9 hours ago, joe_schmoe99 said:


- Johnny Bravo to Rouge, probably.

I absolutely need to see Johnny Bravo the Hedgehog hitting on Rouge now.

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