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IDW's Sonic the Hedgehog: Endless Summer One-Shot Out Now


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The first of many IDW Sonic one-shots are out today, Sonic the Hedgehog: Endless Summer. The issue is part of a larger company-wide “Endless Summer” tie-in initiative, with My Little Pony, TMNT, and Dungeons and Dragons each getting their own (completely unrelated) Endless Summer one-shots.

This comic sees Sonic encouraging Jewel to unwind on the beach with Tangle and Whisper, which eventually leads to the four of them having a beach showdown with the Babylon Rogues. The story is written by Gale Galligan, with art by Tracy Yardley and Thomas Rothlisberger.

For a full solicitation, cover variants, and preview pages, see below:


We’re bringing you an endless summer with everyone’s favorite characters in four unique one-shots! Wave goodbye to the office and say hello to the beach! Sonic drags Jewel on a well-deserved beach day to spend time with her besties, Tangle and Whisper! But when they all settle in for some rest and relaxation…they realize the Babylon Rogues had the same idea… at the same beach. The only way to settle this is with a totally tubular beach showdown!



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Just finished reading It on my Amazon Kindle app the other day. And I must say that's one of the best one shot specials I ever read. Love the panels the art colours are bright and vibrant. 

Everyone enjoying themselves on the beach 🏖️ and having fun and a well deserved vacation as well. Also got the full set of the physical variant comic covers coming soon as well to go with my IDW Sonic physical comic collection 😊

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