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OddFellows Ice Cream Releasing Sonic-Inspired Flavors As Part of Fast Friends Forever


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OddFellows Ice Cream will be releasing 4 limited edition Sonic ice cream flavors on August 31, as part of SEGA’s Fast Friends Forever campaign. The ice cream, which will be sold together as a “capsule collection,” is inspired by Sonic and his friends Tails, Amy, and Knuckles.

The flavors include:

  • Green Hills of Pandan: Based on Sonic and Green Hill. OddFellows describes it as “green Pandan-infused coconut-based ice cream with candied sunflower seeds. Perfect for a picnic on a bright, grassy checkerboarded hill!”
  • Tales of Marshmallow Skies: Inspired by Tails. Again, the OddFellows description is: “soar through skies of marshmallow (ice cream, that is) and into a sweet mountain of blue velvet cake and chocolate caramel turtles!”
  • Fruity Fiery Frenemies: This…interestingly named ice cream is supposed to invoke Knuckles. “Dive into a jungle of chili mango and guava ice cream, perfect for beating the heat from the sun.”
  • Strawberry Roses Forever: This ones for Amy, and I must admit it sounds about right. “Whether you’re in the past, the future, or presently in the middle of saving a pink hedgehog from the clutches of Sonic’s metallic doppelganger, there’s no better time to enjoy this strawberry rose ice cream chock full of white chocolate morsels.”

The ice cream capsule collection will be available online via OddFellows’ website and Goldbelly. Unfortunately for out non-U.S. readers, neither of these websites ship outside the US, and OddFellows only ships to the lower 48 states.

In addition to the ice cream, a cute little Sonic hat also appears to be available, though OddFellows has given no info on it:


For photos of the ice cream and ice cream packaging, please check out the gallery full of press assets below:


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Boy, does that look delicious. I wonder if there is egg flavored ice cream for Eggman.

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I wish I could afford this. I always wanted to vore Green Hill Zone.

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There has got to be a cheaper way to get some pandan on this afflicted earth. That said, that's actually a big-brain choice for a Green Hill themed ice cream flavor. 

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