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Jun Senoue to Attend Sonic Symphony Shows in Brazil, Seattle, and San Fransisco

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This topic was good and got turned into Jun Senoue to Attend Sonic Symphony Shows in Brazil, Seattle, and San Fransisco at some point.

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We know that two of the most prolific composers of Sonic the Hedgehog soundtracks are set to attend key Sonic Symphony shows around the world. But now we also know that one of them will be making an appearance in a number of additional cities as well.

Confirmed today via official channels, while Tomoya Ohtani and Jun Senoue will both be in attendance for the first two shows in London and Los Angeles, Senoue-san will be attending three more shows later in the year in North and South America. These will be in Brazil, Seattle and San Francisco.

Via email:


We’re very excited to announce that acclaimed Sonic composers Jun Senoue and Tomoya Ohtani will be guests in attendance for the debut concerts in London at the Barbican Hall (September 16th) as well as the Los Angeles shows at Dolby Theater (September 30th)!

Jun Senoue will additionally be in attendance at the shows in São Paulo, Brazil (October 15th), Seattle (January 5th), and San Francisco (January 6th). They are super excited to see you all there.

There is currently no detail on what capacity they will attend in, but this is surely a treat for all those in attendance.

Let us know if you will be attending these first shows, and what songs you are hoping to see performed!

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Me: SCORE! Jun Senoue? Seattle? At the same time? I'm killing 2 badniks with one spindash! I love Seattle!

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