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Fang is relevant in a way he hasn’t been in a long time now, thanks to his appearance in the upcoming Sonic Superstars. So naturally, he’s getting more attention on Sonic’s social media feeds. Fang is the subject of Sonic Channel’s monthly commemorative art series, with August being themed after “Sonic & Tails 2” (Sonic Triple Trouble outside of Japan).

Here we have Fang brandishing his iconic cork gun, as he apparently “searches for a chaos emerald,” according to the translated Twitter description.

You can find the original tweet here. The art is below:


Sonic News Tips Credit:
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I was just talking about Fang getting some Sonic Channel love in a Sonic Pict but I guess they had other plans.

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I waited so many years for Fang's comeback. His design is is just great, and I'm so glad that this year he's finally being remembered, properly, again.

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Love Fang such a classic Sonic character he deserves more attention like this for example. You don't hear rare classic Sonic characters these days and this Is one of them.

Again love the art of Fang here from Sonic Channel.

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I always regretted not getting the Nack / Fang tshirt that the Sonic Show released for thier 10th anniversary. It, like Nack / Fang, looked great!

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I'm loving this revival-time for lost characters!
I do hope they'll bring some characters back from Sonic the Fighters (maybe giving us a sequel? That would be a great spin-off!).
And please, give us Knuckles Chaotix in a collection or something like that :(

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Been waiting YEARS for this to happen. THIS IS THE YEAR FOR NACK! 
Even if I would've preferred a Mania sequel and don't quite like the 2D but 3D art style, I still will love this for being the game that brought back my favourite Sonic character!
Now lets hope some merch comes along with it!

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