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Take a Behind-the-Scenes Look at the Production Process of the S-FIRE Sonic Adventure 2 Figure


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S-FIRE just released a video with Sonic Team Creative Director, Kazuyuki Hoshino and S-FIRE’s Creative Specialist, Hiroshi Takenaka discussing how the S-FIRE Sonic Adventure 2 figure came to be.

In the video, the creators of the Sonic and Shadow figure discuss the process behind its creation and their goal of appealing to both fans and themselves. They highlight the importance of accurately translating the 2D illustration of Sonic Adventure 2’s box art into a 3D representation and share the positive reception the figure received on social media.

The creators also emphasize their desire to interact with fans and incorporate their feedback into the project, making adjustments based on detailed input received. Additionally, they express their excitement about working together with fans to create something that brings joy

The possibility of a future S-FIRE project is also discussed, with the team open to hearing ideas from fans and considering fan meetings or a second edition of the project.

Check out the video below!

Pre-orders for this figure end on August 24th, so if you haven’t already, you can pre-order it by clicking here


In the UK It cost £299.95 here quite expensive https://www.gamersheek.co.uk/good-smile-company-c779/scale-figures-c1038/other-scale-c1050/sonic-the-hedgehog-super-situation-sonic-adventure-2-p24819

Would love to get this If the price was a little lowered but at the end of the day It's a premium figure/statue.

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